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Primal cookware?

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  • Primal cookware?

    Howdy, y'all. I'm in the market for new cookware-- specifically, a new frying pan. I've been using a teflon non-stick pan for a while now, however I've been reading a lot of nasty stuff about Teflon and have been wondering what might be healthier. I have a big cast iron skillet somewhere, but I'm not sure that'd be much better.

    I've seen some people talk about ceramic pans and stainless steel. Not sure how to feel about those.

    Thoughts? What would be best?

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    Properly seasoned and cared for cast iron is amazing to cook with. What state is your skillet in? Have you seasoned it/looked after it properly?


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      It's actually brand new, haha. I haven't used it yet. I bought it on a whim, but I didn't know if it was a healthy choice.


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        Well seasoned cast iron is great. Take a look online for info. on how to season it before you use it. Properly cared for it gets better and better. Saladmaster pans are great. They are made of surgical grade stainless steel, heat very quickly and evenly, and are built like tanks. We are down to our last teflon pan.....still hard to part with. Good luck with the search, cast iron and waterless cookware seem like good choices to me.


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          Define "waterless" if you would?

          In any case: cast iron. Bonne stuff, but you have to be mindful.

          Other ideas include enamelware. Don't get the enameled stainless pans from like Walmart, though. Dishwasher prongs managed to gouge it less than a week later.

          Mark actually has an article on cookware here: Mark's Daily Apple



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            I could never get the hang of cast iron until i read this article: How To: Cast Iron Skillet Non-Stick and Lasts a Lifetime


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              I just found this, and unfortunately it is not for sale in North America yet, just Japan as far as I can tell, but it looks like modern cast iron made the way cast iron used to be made, thin, smooth bottom etc...I will be doing some searching to find a place that will send one to Canada. If I find one I will post the info here.

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