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Question: Account Set-up Issue

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  • Question: Account Set-up Issue

    My boyfriend and I are both starting Primal together, I have an account set up already and he is trying to set up an account, but it tells us we can't create a multiple account... even though no information (names, passwords, ect) are the same. We've tried using two computers and an IPod. We've tried using different names, passwords, and E-mail addresses for him. We're thinking it must be hooking into our IP address and thinking we are 1 person trying to create more than one account. This is frustrating, I mean do we really have to share a diary just because we're in the same house?

    Can anyone help with this?
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    I just logged out and tried to register a new account and got the same message. So I cleared my browser cache (cookies, history etc) and then was able to register a new account. Try that.
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      You might try using a different browser.


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        Thanks for the responses, great ideas, but neither worked for us. Realized a bit late that he can just register from his work place instead. I think we're good to go.
        "Wild cats look their best when they're hungry, so do you." - Ori Hofmekler