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Trying to get back on track. need help.

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  • Trying to get back on track. need help.

    I was doing amazing when i started with primal 3-4 months ago. I am rather new to this lifestyle but love and support it nonetheless. I have gotten a handful of friends involved with it.

    However, i fell off track after hurting my back due to hyperlordosis. Had to take some time off exercise, and rest up. For some reason, i just completely fell off track, through the woods, into a ditch.. then rolled into white water rapids and im so far off track, i feel a bit lost. i had initally lost 10 lbs in 10 days in the beginning and then when i fell off track, i fell HARD. I am up 10 lbs again. Bloated, irritable and feeling yucky. i do good for a couple days and then it just keeps happening. I dont know what i am exactly looking for, i guess a little more of a support system. What you guys do when u fall off track, IF you fall off track.

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    Hi twinmama,

    I fell off the wagon for a month or so, and what really really helped me get back on track, and stay on track was starting a primal journal here on MDA. It makes all your triumphs and cheats public and really motivates you.
    Maybe try starting one?


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      Surf the blogs with high resolution paleo cooking photography, and keep a grocery list handy. There will be no brainspace left for the junk. Don't try any difficult nutrient precision either--just prepare a salad/steak/potato meal and work from there.

      My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list


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        The journal's a great idea. It's much easier to keep on track, see progress and not want to muck it up.

        Purging the pantry of non primal items - if they're not there you can't eat them.

        Stocking up on primal items - when you're hungry you need to be able to grab something suitable right away, before falling into temptation. Saving leftovers for lunch falls into this category also.

        Eggs for breakfast. This is really my secret weapon. When I start the day with eggs, it both lasts me for ages and sets me up to make good choices the rest of the day. Also, if you do fall, start again fresh the next day with eggs and you are back on track again real quick.

        Remind yourself about how bad you feel when bloated and lethargic. Also, how good you feel when eating clean and exercising.
        Also, any other reasons you have for holding to your plan, such as not getting diabetes in the future.

        Good luck. Make your next meal primal and you're back on track.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Exercise is great if and when you can do it, but don't link the way of eating with the exercise you do. Exercise should be done because it makes you feel better and because it makes you fit. People who do exercise to help them lose weight often end up throwing the whole thing out the window when they get injured and temporarily have to stop the exercise part.


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            Yes. I love exercise. Im not sure what happened. I have been working out for over 3 yrs ... 5-6 days/week without any real time off. I guess the change just really threw me off my game.


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              Make a weight loss bet with one or more of your friends (if they have weight to lose).

              I sprained my toe really badly back in November. I could barely walk for a couple weeks, and couldn't exercise. My diet went off the rails for a couple months, and I put on some weight. My town announced they were doing a 100-day weight loss challenge with a couple surrounding towns. Winner gets $100. I figured it was a perfect way to get me back on track, and it has been. I've already lost all the weight I gained after my injury, and I'm trying to get down to my goal weight by the end of the contest. I'm a couple days ahead of schedule on that.

              Moral of the story, competition (and rewards!) can be a powerful motivator.
              "Don't waste your time, or time will waste you."


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                Try asking yourself (out loud ideally) what do I have to lose by regaining my Primal lifestyle. Then sit and listen very carefully. It sounds counter-intuitive but often what keeps sabotaging us is an underlying issue that needs facing first.
                Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...