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What's a good educational charity?

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  • What's a good educational charity?

    Just reading a Tim Ferriss post titled "Should I wait until I'm rich to give back" I decided that I should be donating to charity, but educational charities that give children the opportunity to learn and pull themselves out of poverty. I do not believe food aid and such works.

    Do any of you have good suggestions for such charities? I'm looking through google. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore

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    Go to your local public library, preferably the smallest branch of it if it has branches, and ask the director and especially the children's librarians. They will know exactly what is most needed. I live in a rural county which has only one public library and you wouldn't believe the good you can do for your local population by helping there.

    I was floored when I saw how many locals and their children, by extension, improve their lot via our little library, and how many kids get a boost there. It doesn't have to be a big name charity to do real good in the world, just in case you were thinking in this direction.
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      That's a good suggestion but I live in an affluent area so the local library is well stocked. Does anyone have opinions of SOS Childrens villages? From what I've read they seem very good.

      SOS Children's Villages International - A loving home for every child - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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        I'd have to echo the previous poster and recommend finding something local- if you can't find something in your county that needs volunteers or financial assistance, you aren't looking very hard.


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 Teachers ask. You choose.

          You can find local projects to donate to.