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Making your own mayo - what's the secret?

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    Ditto what others say about room temp. I screwed up every batch I made until I learned to bring the egg and lemon to room temp, but haven't failed since. I use a good regular blender (not immersion, not Vitamix, but not a cheapie, either.)


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      Immersion blender here -- no drizzling for me. Egg, a splash of vinegar, squirt of lemon, cup of extra light olive oil, all in the jar it will live in. Blender to the bottom, pull up as the mayo thickens, then add some salt and whoosh again quickly. I've never had a fail, start to finish under 2 minutes, including rinsing the blender.


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        Make sure everything is room temp

        1 egg
        1/2 cup egg white or 2 more eggs
        tbs lemon juice
        optional mustard powder, or 1 tbs dij, horse or yellow mustard
        1 to 2 tsp of Worcester sauce
        Salt and Pepper
        optional 1 packet of stevita
        optional 1 clove minced garlic

        1/4 to 1/2 cup coconut oil melted but not hot

        start regular 5 dollar walmart belnder on lowest setting and cover the pour spout with the lid so the hole barely exists

        Pour oil down pour spout very...repeat very slowly, should take 2 min for all oil.

        It will thicken, transfer to a jar and put in fridge.

        Bingo bango you made mayo

        After mayo is set(min 1 hr in fridge) add 1 cup of mayo and 1 cup of cocomilk with any spice combo you can think of and you have made salad dressing.


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          Which oils do you all use? I like part olive oil but prefer it to be mixed with something more neutral. This is the main thing I am struggling with since primal with all the obvious neutral oils out of the picture.


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            "Light" olive oil has much less flavor than the cold-pressed good stuff we all probably buy for salads and such. I use Bertoli Extra Light for mayo. It's probably not as good for you as the fancier stuff, but it's better than canola oil and makes for a more "traditional" tasting mayo. (If you can call Hellmans' traditional.)


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              I use MCP oil for "un"flavored mayo. It has no taste of its own.

              But avocado oil makes for heavenly tasting mayo!