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How's this for false advertising?

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    I've noticed these at the local health food store for quite a while now. I really wasn't surprised to find out that they were vegan given the predominance of vegetarians and the fact that I've yet to meet one person in my town that would describe their diet as "primal". Fortunately the same store does sell locally raised and made grass fed beef jerky.
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      Originally posted by EatMoveSleep View Post
      Something can be healthy and/or unhealthy depending in how/when its taken, how much and by whom.

      If "health" claims/words were scrutinized in adverts (apart from very obvious things like cigarette smoking), then almost very product would need to be justified ("Healthy grains", "healthy fruit juice", "healthy snack", "health food", "health/fitness center", "health services").

      I think it's a claim that 'conceivably' has a 'reasonable chance' to be true for most people (well, sort of...maybe... ) - you could probably challenge it legally if you had the time/money to provide evidence to prove it to be false, or force them to put up reasonable evidence to support their claim and then refute it with counter evidence (but that's not going to happen in the real world).

      So they can make their claims unchallenged - they even may believe them themselves.
      There are certain claims that the FTC does enforce. Recently somebody got in trouble over something (spray margarine) they were selling as "fat free" because the label serving size was so small it had only half a gram of fat. But a reasonable serving had a lot of fat in it. Also, cereal companies have made health claims in the past that they were forced to rescind.


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        I've eaten the Trader Joe's version. I was shocked at a) how much it was exactly like real meat and b) how I couldn't stop eating it. I haven't eaten any since I changed my diet.
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