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Fell off the primal wagon -- stress -- the silent killer

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  • Fell off the primal wagon -- stress -- the silent killer

    So I fell of the Primal Wagon -- and in less then 10 days gained back all the weight I lost and more --- I feel terrible... I keep saying "never again" and then whoop there it is -- back to the old crap... I work full time, have 3 kids (plus taking care of a friends 2 children, there Dad was in a bad farming accident and will be in hospital for a very long time...) and I working on my MBA...

    Wondering what my purpose is -- and why I let all this stress into my life... I want to eat well -- I love to exercise but I just feel so damn defeated!

    I need help!

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    Wow! You have a lot on your plate at the moment! You shouldn't be too hard on yourself.

    What are the reasons for you falling off the wagon? Time/money or craving non-primal foods? Your reasons for quitting will affect the advice you get.


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      Cravings for non primal food and time --- (my kids are 10 months, 3 and 12 -- the friends children are 11 and 12--- all the kids eat well if given the choice).

      I just think about junk food non stop ---


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        I too fell off the wagon recently, I got sick (stomach virus) then as I was almost cured I got the flu, got completely derailed and ate crap for the last two weeks.

        Now I'm getting back on it today, not looking back and I have a defined goal/deadline.

        The best advice I can give you is (might sound harsh), to just shut up and do it, that's what I tell myself when I try to rationalize my mistakes or when I think "hey, another day wont make a difference, Ill start tomorrow". So get back on it right now, not tomorrow, not the day after that, NOW! make your next meal paleo and keep going.

        Good luck!


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          You need to find Paleo food that you enjoy as much as junk food. Or commit to a month of Paleo - junk will taste really bad after that!

          Do you make Paleo versions of SAD meals? That might help bridge the gap.

          We menu plan for the week and then go shopping. I only buy what's on the list and I'm so busy I'm grateful for knowing what I'm eating each day and it makes me less likely to cheat.

          My tough time is when the children are asleep - that's when we'd have opened some wine and snacked - crisps/chocolate/cheese/popcorn. I no longer eat dairy and I've managed to be quite strict with that so its stopped me slipping up on a lot of things.

          What are your favourite primal meals?


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            I am back on the wagon.... and going to cook up a storm so I don't have to think too hard about what to eat.

            My faroite Paleo foods ---
            Almond crispy crackers (home made with pumpkin seeds and ground almonds)
            Chicken baked with saute greens (Compliments by Sobeys makes a really good product)
            Soup -- all manner of vegetable based purees -- I have some food texture issues
            BBQ short ribs (beef -- I keep kosher)

            I want to try more things --- I can't eat shell fish or pork -- and am pretty open to other things.

            Thanks for the kick in the butt Jaczor -- I needed it