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Changing of our perceptions

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  • Changing of our perceptions

    How much of our perceptions of what smells good, looks good, feels good, etc. have been formed by commercials and major corporations?

    I’ll give you an example, I have a friend over here (American) who has a girlfriend that is from Sudan and not much removed from the bush (I consider this a good thing myself, my friend is not so sure). He was hot and sweaty one day and she stuck her nose in his armpit and said that she loved the smell.

    That made me think about not only our sense of smell but our other senses. How much of what we perceive as being beautiful, ugly, smells good, smells bad, taste good, taste bad, etc. is formed by media and commercials?

    Some examples:
    In the 60s, Twiggy was the ideal model. No curves, no boobs, nothing. Now we see more of the JLo types.

    People seem to go for the heavy sugared, heavy salted, heavy flavored foods and drinks. Subtly has been replaced by massive amounts of chemicals because it is cheaper to take cheap basic ingredients and load them full of artificial flavors than it is to grow organic and keep to the basics.

    Sense of smell. Do we need all the chemicals (perfumes, deodorants), is this masking the way we should naturally smell? What is the effect of this?

    I think that we have become so programmed to see, smell, taste, hear and feel what is profitable to the major corporations that a lot of people have lost the ability to appreciate what is natural and right.
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    Originally posted by texas.grok
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    My sense of smell seems to have become more sensitive and I can be overwhelmed by another person's deodorant/aftershave/perfume. Presumably the person is trying to be clean and pleasant but that is not the effect it has on me. Other people don't seem to notice or mind, so perhaps it's another weird bonus of the primal diet.

    The sight of fake foods also has a negative effect on me, but I think this one is mostly in the mind ie by choosing to eat primally over a period of months I have trained myself to prefer the natural and primal foods.

    Sure in life we are exposed to unnatural sights and even sounds but even I fail to see how commercial advertising can affect our sense of taste, touch and smell.
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      Originally posted by Annieh View Post
      Sure in life we are exposed to unnatural sights and even sounds but even I fail to see how commercial advertising can affect our sense of taste, touch and smell.
      Perhaps I should have said that the effects of commercial advertising has changed our sense of taste, touch and smell. And I think it starts at an early age when marketing for say, cereals, are heavily marketed towards kids. Candies are placed by check out stands so that kids with mommy will want candy when they are checking out.

      Through the overload of our senses with all of the very non-subtle foods, our senses become numb and require stronger artifical ingredients to please us.

      Here in Egypt, where I work, when I do have the occasional bag of chips, they don't seem to have the same strong taste as the stuff in the US does. I suspect it is because the Egyptians have not had their senses as dulled as we have and if they used the same amount of flavoring on their products here as they do in the USA, they would not sell. Just my observation mind you.
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      Originally posted by texas.grok
      Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light


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        I recall when I was working at a biotech lab some years back, everybody was very upscale and trendy. People were raving about some new sort of cookie they had in the cafeteria, so I tried it. So nasty! It had a huge amount of artificial flavoring added to it. I guess that was the draw.


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          Annie, I'm with you. I can smell the men at work now (their cologne) when I never could before over the scent of baking bread and fried chicken.

          But, to go along with the OP, I completely agree. Media has brainwashed us in to thinking snickers cures hunger, bud light cures thirst, so on and so forth.
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            PROPAGANDA | FULL ENGLISH VERSION (2012) - YouTube

            You are absolutely being controlled by the media.
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              I agree with the OP. Early on in our primal journey my son and I were on our way home from a long walk and we passed by a pizzeria I was getting hungry and remarked to my son that it smelled good. My son who never got in the habit of eating store bought pizza (he'd only had home made) said he thought it smelled like rancid grease. The smell of fast food has no effect on him, neither do commercials, he was raised w/o TV (after age 5 he watched DVDs so no advertising) on healthy home made food.

              I am a strong believer in keeping kids away from manufactured foods as long as possible so that their palates and preferences develop on their own w/o the aid of manipulative advertising.
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                When I was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail I spent 3 months at a time (others spend up to 6 months) as basically an unwashed, sweaty, stinky person. The funny thing is that we hikers could not really smell each other. Maybe a few were really rank (I had a friend I begged to please get his feet wet because his socks were killing me and I had to stay at least 20 feet behind him), but mostly we didn't notice each others' smell. Nothing was worse than the smell of a day hiker. We could literally smell them coming a mile away. The smell of fabric softener, deodorant, shampoo and all that was so overwhelming and it really was offensive to all of us. We'd talk about this a lot.

                The amount of sugar, salt and artificial flavors in foods has been shown to have been deliberately calculated to stimulate us to consume more. It is both very satisfying and not satisfying. The perfect combo to turn on our little rat brains to keep pressing the lever.
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                  I find that when I do have foods that are a) processed and b) full of non-primal items they taste very different to me, they smell very different to me and they are not as a attractive as they once were. In the early days of my primal journey I had some struggles staying on track but eventually things like pizza and other fast food stopped tasting like food and started tasting like grease, salt and sugar - the foods I occasionally have that are not 100% primal seem to be too salty or sweet a lot of the time.

                  I do find it sad that a lot of the ads out there push non-healthy crap (even by CW standards) - when was the last time you saw an add for an organic apple saying something like "c'mon bet you can't have just one!" or "you know you want it" - as a society we push this garbage and then wonder why our kids are fat and lazy - hmmmmm.

                  The one thing I really noticed by going primal is that my taste in meat has changed - before I was a solid medium when it came to steak and it had to be covered in BBQ sauce - now I am a medium rare to rare kind of guy with just a little spice and it tastes so good!
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                    I know that I used to love the smell of baking bread and now when I smell it baking in the supermarket I find it quite unpleasant.

                    Also only last night I went outside my house and could smell food from a nearby chinese restaurant. Whereas in the past it might have made me want chinese food, last night it actually made me feel nauseous - I could smell the grease and rancid oil.


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                      The route I take home (by bike) has no less than ten different fast-food type places.

                      Still not over the smell, gods help me.