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  • Sweet saliva?

    I have an odd question that I, for the life on me cannot find an answer to. I started The Primal Blueprint with my husband about a week ago. I have been doing really well, staying between 60-75 carbs a day. I feel great, I am hardly ever hungry and I have tons of energy. I am not sleeping amazingly yet though, but I'm sure that will come. The weird thing that is happening is I have a sweet taste in my mouth ALL THE TIME. Almost as if my saliva is sweet now. It tastes very good and I am not bothered by it at all. I just want to know why it is happening. My breath does not smell any different, it is just the taste that is different. Anybody know what is causing this?

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    Sounds like the results of ketosis. Is 60-75 carbs per day a lot lower than you are used to?
    The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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      Could be that your taste buds are adjusting to life without sugar. Everything tastes sweeter to me now.
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        Oh yeah!! I was on a normal American diet before we started this. I ate very well at dinner time but the rest of the day had plenty of carbs and grains.


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          That is what I thought too, but it is all the time. Like when I wake up in the middle of the night, my mouth is sweet, during exercise when my mouth salivates more, very sweet.


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            Funky. I've never heard of that... you learn something new every day, I guess.

            Perhaps it is simply that you used to have a BAD taste in your mouth for some reason, and now when it's gone, normality seem to taste better because it is a relief compared to the former, even if you never consciously recognized it?

            I've also experienced that everything tastes sweeter. Grass-fed eggs come upon my tastebuds like a symphony, bacon is a thousand drunken Irish angels stepdancing over the green fields of taste! I had a jug of fanta a while ago, though... I had to spit it out, because it was so incredibly disgusting. All sugar, salt, and a bunch of things that tasted artificial and that I couldn't even swallow. I used to love Fanta. I used to friggin' live for Fanta. So, yes, taste does change with what you eat. I'm much happier this way, though - an egg and some salad tastes so much better to me now than Fanta ever did.