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Primal Living and Shift Work.

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  • Primal Living and Shift Work.

    I am wondering if anyone else is a Shift Worker and has/is incorporating the Primal Lifestyle. I work in Law Enforcement, working a minimum 10hr shifts, in sets of Early Shifts (07:00-17:00), Late Shifts (15:00-01:00) and Night Shifts (21:00-07:00) with slip shifts where required. I am, what most would understand to be a Patrolman, and therefore away from work most of the day in a vehicle.

    There are a lot of occasions when I either get a very short refreshment break or not one at all. My refreshment break is not set to a regular time, and very much off the cuff. Therefore hot meals rarely make an appearance when at work.

    Part of the appeal to the Primal lifestyle is the intermittent fasting, which I seem to do already, whist at work. But I am always running on low energy and struggle to remain awake at Night, whilst fighting the natural urge to sleep.

    I would be very interested to hear from others within the Law Enforcement Community or anyone who works shifts and has successfully incorporated the lifestyle into work, or is themselves tackling this challenge.

    Strong as Oak.

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    Hey there,

    I'm a dispatcher working 12 hour shift (4 on 4 off, two 0700-1900 and two 1900-0700). I have found primal to work well with shift work. I use IF daily. Usually having my first meal of the day between 1300-1600 hrs (depending on when I get hungry), then my second meal between 2000-2200 hrs. During an overnight, I might squeeze in another meal if I'm hungry between 0200-0500 hrs. I find higher fat meals keep me energized throughout the night shift.

    Find yourself some meals that you don't mind eating cold. My favourites are meatballs, sausages, pickled eggs, cheese (cottage, cheddar, etc), with some raw veggies, salad, pickled veggies, etc. Keep a cooler bag with your food with you in your patrol car and eat while you do your notes, reports etc... Keep some water on you at all times and bring a thermos of coffee or tea if you drink either.

    At the beginning it was a little more tough, but now, I don't even think about it.


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      Thank you for the advice and input. I'll be sure to put it to good use.

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