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    Hi everyone

    Hubby and I are really into our fitness at the moment as part of our health/Primal journey.

    Hubby has asked for a heart rate monitor for his birthday. He gets white coat other words as soon as someone goes to take his blood pressure it skyrockets.

    He wanted something he could wear when he is working out...or in the office for a period of he could forget he's got it on and hopefully get some sort of realistic reading of what his heart is doing. He has a history of high blood pressure in his family and so is really wanting to make sure he is managing things.

    I started looking at all the different types and I honestly dont know where to start.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of brands...what to look for...what to avoid ?

    Many thanks

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    I'm thinking of buying another one. When I do start shopping, I will read reviews on Amazon.


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      I've been considering buying one as well. I was hoping that those that use them would offer you some advice as there are so many on the market that it is very confusing. Personally, I'd like a basic model to measure heart rate and would rather skip the bells and whistles.
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        I've been happy with my Garmin's. I still use my old FR60, occasionally. It's not a GPS enabled one, but it was only about $100. The computer interface is wireless and simple. Garmin has a lot of options, so you need to read up carefully and make sure you pick a watch that has what you want.