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    I went to the store earlier to buy some more of the food for the meal plan and realized that, stuff is just way too expensive for me. I spent $50 on food for just 2 meals out of 1 day. And, you know it's weird, I just feel kind of hopeless about it now because I don't have things that are needed to eat better and can't afford it. And it's pretty cool because I didn't even think about pizza, which is my bad food addiction until now. And man, it's sounding good lol. I haven't really been craving any bad food too much, and when I have, it's been easy for me to fight the urges. But now, I honestly thought earlier: "I can't afford this and I'll have to go back to the way I ate before." Such an irrational thought. -.- How do I fight this?

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    There is a saying that is used around here a lot "don't let perfect be the enemy of good".

    If you truly can't afford full primal eating, it doesn't mean that pizza and chips are the only option. Eat some potatoes, rice, and properly soaked beans to stretch your budget. As you get better at shopping and stretching your meals, you can phase out the beans and rice.
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      I really like the ideas of Robb Wolf. In his book Paleo Soluton he says dont let expense stop you from being Paleo. He suggests buying cheaper cuts of meat and if it isnt grass fed it is still better than pizza he also suggsts frozen veg and tinned fish just being mindful of additives.....

      As he says better to eat Paleo without the organic price tag than not to eat Paleo at all


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        What did you buy?


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          When you have been on a paleo inspired eating plan for a few weeks or months, at the same time low budget, you can start intermittent fasting. I reduced my meal schedules to one good early dinner a day. Saves tons of money and is actually quite healthy (at least for my wife and me) If you are interested, you can always check a poster called pklopp. His signature has links about this way eating, and his comments are VERY informative. With one meal a day, you can then get to the organic grass-fed-ladida food. If it can reassure you, I suggest you watch the documentary called Fathead. The guy was on fast food minus the carbs for a while and he got quite some good results. But I would only recommend that when you start to correct a broken metabolism (i.e. relying on refined carbs for daily energy is quite problematic - let your body re-adapt to fat burning first by reducing carbs and increasing fat). Once your metabolism is more in shape, you can be a bit more loose, depending on the timing of ingestion of food and physical activity.


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            Yes please don't be downhearted, there are lots of solutions! These are just suggestions for you to think about:

            Grass fed butter too expensive, try cooking in lard, or collect the fat from your bacon and use that; evoo is a much cheaper option than evco

            organic grass fed meat is great but costs a lot, but the bones and organs are much cheaper and can make really tasty meals and there are cheaper cuts

            eggs are a great way to keep costs down

            eat plenty of green veggies like savoy cabbage and yes use frozen veggies too

            look out for bargains all the time especially on bulk that you can store

            meals definitely should not be costing $25 a pop

            what are you spending on that you could cut? Any fizzy drink, expensive condiments, spices, nuts? Focus the bulk of your budget on the meat, eggs, fat and veggies...

            wish you all the best, get your positive, problem solving head on and get out there and find the solutions!Will really be worth it
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              I use ground beef a lot! its fairly cheap at $8/lb and my local target now carries prepackaged grassfed ground beef for $6. If they don't sell it sometimes they mark it down to $3 for a pound. I also always have canned sardines in olive oil and canned salmon, both wild caught and under $3. Good luck!
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                Buy whatever meats you can afford.

                Eggs, eggs, eggs.

                Intermittent fasting and the inexpensive starches are your friends.

                Pizza and most other addictive crap ain't cheap either.


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                  Definitely took me a while to learn the budget hacks but it can work.

                  The guideline is often to eat more animal protein and less starch but looking at the receipt animal protein is always the biggest ticket and starch is always the smallest so don't be afraid of potatoes and bananas, up to the limit of your personal tolerance and goals. They're much more filling than processed starches.

                  Bone soup is a good habit too. Instead of 8 oz. meat, try 4 oz. meat + 1 cup soup and you'll probably feel equally sated.

                  IMO plants are the least important thing to get organic. Just wash or peel them as appropriate, and don't feel pressure to choke down mountains of vegetables beyond what you enjoy. Cabbage, carrots, and onions are usually cheap and easy to use. By contrast stuff like asparagus, eggplants, fancy dark leaves, and dried mushrooms I only get rarely for specific recipes. I buy lots of store-brand frozen medleys too.

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                    There's more than one meal plan out there. Paleo on a Budget

                    Buying meal ingredients one meal at a time is about as economical as dining out. You are at the mercy of the store and your list.

                    Buy your meal ingredients in multiples (or bulk) when they are on sale, and stock your freezer and pantry. You should be shopping from your own 'stores' except for perishables and the *occasional* specialty item. Take the time to learn which stores have the best deals on your staple ingredients (for example, I get a lot of deals on canned tuna, canned tomatoes, pasta sauce and frozen wild salmon filets from one store)

                    Don't be afraid to eat the same meal 3 days in a row if you happen to have found a killer sale, and you make a big batch. Or, make a triple batch and portion and freeze the rest. (I've been teaching my 12yo to cook and she said the other night, "when I have my own place and I'm cooking for myself, I'm just going to make one big batch and eat it every day. Or take leftovers for lunch, like dad") You better believe that our primal ancestors -- and even our great-grandparents -- ate the same animal every day until it was gone, because they had limited options for preserving it.
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                      Please don't feel discouraged in this thread from a couples days ago, that same topic was discussed and there where some great ideas.

                      Over the weekend I made an experiment and took $50 cash and when shopping. Scroll down this page and you'll find my post.
             and this are stores that everybody have available.

                      what stores are in your area?


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                        Join Sam's Club or Costo, bulk meats are cheap and you can freeze the excess in portions to be used in the future!


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                          One thing that I have done to make primal eating more affordable to is be really, really careful about waste. I rarely throw away food anymore. When I ate SAD I threw tons of stuff away, I am embarrassed to think about that. I think about whether I will be able to eat up the fresh food I'm buying, and whether it will freeze well. Some things I eat now, especially when money is tight - bananas, liverwurst, eggs. Not in that order!
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                            Initially I found that my grocery bills were really high, but these days they're much lower than they even were before I went primal.

                            Basically I don't eat breakfast (coffee with coconut oil instead), then at weekends I batch cook 2 x main meals - last weekend it was roast pork belly and chicken thighs stuffed with goats cheese and wrapped in bacon.

                            Then I add veggies - salad stuff mostly with the chicken thighs and a cauliflower and a couple of bags of greens to go with the pork belly.

                            Those are my meals for the entire week - absolutely delicious, and pretty inexpensive which means I can afford to buy high quality meat.