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Paleo Debunked !

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  • Paleo Debunked !

    Front page on, third article !

    Yahoo! Shine - Women's Lifestyle | Healthy Living and Fashion Blogs

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    Why would you bother defending anything on a mainstream media site?
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      You wade into the comments section on a Yahoo! page? "Cast not thy pearls before swine" seems relevant here. I can't read those comments sections without bleeding brain cells and losing IQ points, and wanting to hit the bottle to boot. My hat's off to you, sir or madam.


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        Yahoo still exists? Horrifying.
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          Saw this. Clicked on it. Skimmed it. Ignored it.

          Pretty much what I do with all YAHOO! articles - their writers are all "freelance" and seem to not care or fact check at all. It's actually quite sad.


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            Eat lots of animals, plants, and insects. Avoid poisons. Get sunlight. Get sleep. Move slowly and often. Lift heavy things.

            Debunk my ass. It's a prescription for healthy living. It's neither radical, nor nonsense. It's just plain common sense.
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            Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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              "Zuk says that ancient remains show about the same incidences of modern-day cancer." Really?!? I find this hard to believe and let's face it just because the 'expert' said it does not make it right. I'd love to know which remains they were looking at - seems to me (and I'm no expert) that the rates of cancer have been steadily climbing over the past few decades so how could they be about the same? Give me a break - yahoo is almost as bad a Fox News!
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                Looks to me like those who are already commenting are defending Paleo quite well. Or at least they are pointing out that the article is not seriously debunking anything (except maybe the authors integrity).
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