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scared....too scared to start...*sigh*

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  • scared....too scared to start...*sigh*

    hello...???...ok..I feel like its the first day at school...I cant say I just saw the light on and walked in because I have been popping in and out this forum for the last couple of months reading until my eyes pop out...getting lots of inspiration from the success stories...ordering the book ..and I just have to say you are all so amazing!!!!!
    The support system that you provide is just extraordinary !! ...BUT....there is something stoping me from just going ahead changing to primal...
    First I have to say that I am 32 year old female ,1.78cm height and 79kg....I have gained ten kg in a course of two years after starting work from home!...also I have always had stomach problems due to dairy,egg and wheat intolerances yeah...I am pretty scared in case I fail it ,in case I am not doing it right and the weight doesnt change ...even though it sounds simple enough I still get confused did you all know how to start and how did you succeed...??? there a helpful meal planner?
    how did you feel..was there someone helping you...???

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    I started here, and then read Mark's book. I had some experience eating this way before, as the Primal Blueprint is quite similar in many ways to the Anti-inflammatory Diet which I had done for a while under my doctor's supervision in order to identify my food allergies. Both promote eating whole, fresh foods and eliminating processed foods.

    If going 100% Primal scares you, why not just make one change at a time? If I did nothing else, I would avoid wheat. You probably already do, since you said you have a wheat intolerance. So maybe next would be to 100% avoid all processed foods. Or strive to cut all sugar out of your diet except fruit. Or maybe instead of cutting something, you could make it a goal to add something. Such as eat a BAS (Big Azz Salad) every day for lunch. Something like that. Make one change a week until you are as Primal as you want to be. Not everyone goes fully primal. Many of us continue to eat rice and potatoes, as an example. Some are more hardcore. Do what makes you feel best.
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    Weight at start of Primal: 189
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      Yup! What EagleRiverDee said!

      Don't be intimidated by trying to do everything at once. Start by picking one thing to cut and/or add. Maybe since you seem to have started gaining weight since you started working at home maybe you need to pick an exercise goal too! (I'm assuming that you perhaps move around less now that you work at home)

      As far as meal planning goes, Mark offers a meal planning service I think and there is also I've used their meal planning and it's decent. I had to adjust things a bit since all their planning is for 2 people and I've got just me to feed but it wasn't too bad. That can be a handy way to help the transition, get some recipe ideas (all their recipes are free on line anyway, pus you can google TONS of stuff) and a shopping list so it isn't too crazy.

      And keep in mind that the whole thing is a process. You'll have to play with it until it works for you. Lots of folks find themselves using a paleo crutch as they get started. You give you your doritos (or whatever) but you still want a snack right? So a lot of folks head for the nuts. It's really easy to overdo it on nuts. But thats ok. Don't stress about that at first. Be ok with having a crutch while you get the rest of the diet sorted out. For me the nuts just kinda fixed themselves after a while. But I figure it's better to munch on a paleo ok snack while you get it all working and THEN you can fix the snacking by diverting it to something less super-powerhouse-mega-food then nuts are.

      And one last thing. If you find it helpful, start a journal on here, post your ideas, your goals, ask your questions, etc. You'll get some support (but you'll also get people who are WAY over zealous about the details so you'll have to handle sorting out the useful suggestions from the advanced tweaks!) and all the answers you get will be in one place so you can come back and re-read older posts to see where you might want to try something.

      Good luck!


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        A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. And then another step, and another.

        The good thing about this WOE is that it is not absolute. There is no one set way, no right, and very few wrongs. It is all about trusting in yourself and finding what works for you. Take one small change at a time. If something doesn't work, well, change it!

        You hold the power.


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          Originally posted by Unicorn View Post
          A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. And then another step, and another.

          The good thing about this WOE is that it is not absolute. There is no one set way, no right, and very few wrongs. It is all about trusting in yourself and finding what works for you. Take one small change at a time. If something doesn't work, well, change it!

          You hold the power.
          What she said. Don't be afraid of failure. Start with one habit, like no processed foods. DO NOT allow yourself to think of anything else. Then add another habit.


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            it is a tricky question indeed

            what are your goals? if it's to lose and keep off the 10kg you have gained, what timescale do you have?

            Have you tried fasting?

            I would start by increasing your green leafy veg intake, eliminate grains altogether, start eating grass fed meat, wild fish and game and adding good fats like grass fed butter and evco, fish oil and so on


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              Thank you all for such inspiring step at a time...and today I made the first step with breakfast which was yummy bacon and avocado....My goals are to lose the 10 kilos that I have gained and to find peace with my stomach problems,,,and my eczema which is caused by some of my eating habits --->chocolate .....I always keep my meals protein and vegetables but I do overdose on good quality chocolate..hmm ok and some cookies which is what has brought me to this problem....
              I havent tried fasting either...I am really new to all this but I hope that with time I will try it too...


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                Hi Neraida

                Good on you !!

                I have food intolerances....I ahve the things you describe...and a few more nasties added in for good measure....and I have to say....since going Primal I have not felt this healthy in years......

                You go girl !!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by Neraida View Post
                  how did you all know how to start and how did you succeed...??? there a helpful meal planner?
                  how did you feel..was there someone helping you...???
                  Hi Neraida, welcome. I found that once I had read some of the starter articles here that it really was ever so easy to start with this way of eating. I cleaned out my pantry from obviously nonprimal food such as anything processed or containing grains and then concentrated on buying meat and veges, along with some fruit and nuts.

                  I didn't find a particular meal planner but generally tried to create my meals based around some kind of protein (eg pork, chicken, beef, lamb), one or two colourful vegetables ( eg carrots and broccoli, kumara and cauliflower, pumpkin and cabbage, silverbeet and mushrooms, etc etc) with butter to add flavour and calories so as not to overdo carbs since my goal was weight loss.

                  So that would be dinner, with enough leftovers for lunch the next day. Breakfast is usually eggs and veges, but you could use bacon instead. Or eat your leftovers for breakfast and have a salad for lunch. Keeping it simple helps a lot at first until you get the hang of it. It is also good to have something primal around to have for snacks when the urge strikes so you don't gravitate back to the old junk. Berries and coconut cream, nuts, dark chocolate for example.

                  I didn't find anything to be scared about, the plan sounded like it would work and the only way to find out for sure was to try it. I felt very positive knowing that I was being proactive about my health and almost straight away I started experiencing great results so I just kept doing it.

                  If I needed help I would post a question here and people are usually very helpful.

                  So I would say, don't let confusion deter you from giving primal a go. We all learn as we go but as you have already realised the basics are pretty simple. If you are serious about reclaiming your health (and only you know for sure whether that is the case) then it's well worth the effort of learning to change your ways for the sake of the potential benefits.
                  Annie Ups the Ante


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                    Just eat - I'm sure you done that before

                    Fasting? You haven't started eating yet Dont over think it - it's just food and it wont bite back.

                    Don't worry about goals/kilos/gaining/losing being perfect just do it with or without mistakes - after a week or two (for four) you'll adjust things if required - there no such thing as pass/fail (even if nothing changes or you gain a kilo in a month - who cares? it just practice and you'll soon get it right)


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                      Neraida - I'm new here too...

                      I've been doing this for a few months now and can't even think about fasting yet. I'm just not there yet.

                      As others have said - keep it simple. Don't overthink it. Keep plenty of primal snacks around - like hard boiled eggs and jerky. When you're hungry - eat!

                      The first couple weeks, don't even think about trying to lose weight or counting anything. Get used to this way of eating first - get over the carb flu (if you get it) etc. Then you can tweak as you go. And maybe after you start feeling better, you can add some exercise which will make you feel even better about yourself.

                      Good Luck!

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                        Such great advice from everyone and it keeps coming in...I have printed all of them to read everyday for motivation...
                        its good to know that I am in the same boat as other people who have intolerances and are also new here
                        today went really well..its night time for me as I am on the other side of the world ...I kept it very simple...and kept my snacks with me for the hour of need ..even though I didn't really feel much like snacking after my big azz salad...yummy!!!!!
                        do most of you keep to the same foods???


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                          I would try to committ to not weighing yourself for the first month. Working at home you are actually in an enviable position of many. You can eat when you are hungry, with no clock dictating when that is. Plus you don't have to worry about side-ways glances over the amount/type of food you're eating. I only briefly skimmed the other posts, but I agree about the idea of jumping right in.

                          Start by eliminating that which you know causes you the most trouble... wheat. Committ to giving that up for 2 weeks straight, and focus on just that. After you've adjusted to that, start implementing some of the other things. You will likely find that after you give up the wheat your appetite will regulate a bit more. And only then should you consider fasting. But overall, eat when hungry until just barely full. Then eat again when hungry. As a female, this will fluctuate likely according to your cycle, but also your daily activity level.

                          Assuming you're working at a computer most of the day, one easy step will be to incorporate more movement into your day. Whether it's a lap around your house every X minutes or push-ups/plans, etc throughout the day. Maybe as you change your diet, pick 1 fitness goal at a time to slowly add into your life.

                          For many people, the incremental changes are better than changing everything all at once. But others find the opposite to be true. Good luck with your journey as you figure out what suits you best.


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                            teach2183 thank you for your advice...wheat is definitely a no no and I don't think I will miss it after what it has been causing me...what worries me is----> eat when I am hungry..should I opt for the fat ??like an avocado or coconut oil or olives???
                            ( I cant have eggs ).....


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                              Yup, go for something fatty that you like - I have an inch cube of parmesan, a handful of nuts (cashews and macadamias) and some really good olives, or whipped double cream with a few nuts... an avocado would do though too.

                              teach is right, eat until 'just barely full' - I use the rule "I could eat more but i'm satisfied for now" knowing that if I get hungry I can eat some more.

                              Also, agree about weighing only once a month or even 6 weeks and about going straight in as much as possible so that means getting rid of grains and most starches and a lot of fruit and getting into meat, fat, veggies

                              good luck