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Could I really be this sensitive?

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  • Could I really be this sensitive?

    I've been eating primally for about 6 months. I gave up cashews about 6 weeks ago because I was having trouble controlling myself. This week I bought cashews again. I ate some on Friday night and my hands ached A LOT on Saturday morning. I ate more last night and this morning I ache. My hands aching (and my toes and knees) is nothing new. I've been aching since I was a teenager. I know it's worse when I drink caffeine or haven't had enough sleep. I don't drink caffeine anymore, but I have small children so getting enough sleep is a long way off. I've actually been kind of frustrated that eating primally hasn't taken away my aches and pains completely. I was looking at the amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 in certain foods and I saw that cashews contain a lot of omega 6 which I think causes inflammation. Could it be that I've always been sensitive to foods high in omega 6 but am now noticing it more? Assuming the achiness equals inflammation, what am I doing wrong? Why do I still ache?
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    I'd cut out the cashews again and see if that helps you. And yes, I do think you could be that sensitive. Good luck on trying to get rest! I have small children as well and know how hard it is.


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      Your body does become more sensitive to certain foods after you've eliminated the junk. In general though, I don't think of it as being more sensitive, but more like once you eliminate things and feel good then adding anything back in that causes any kind of reaction is just more noticeable.
      Cashews do the same thing to me but thankfully my coffee doesn't bother me as long as I use coconut milk for creamer instead of dairy.
      Not getting enough sleep is a big issue for controlling the bodies aches and pains but like you said, having kids doesn't bode well with long, uninterrupted nights of sleep.
      Have you cut out all of the gluten from your diet? That is where I experience the most pain and gluten is in soooo much now.


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        I'm not sure if it is really becoming more sensitive or just being more cognizant of the sensitivity reactions. when you are eating SAD, you son't notice a bad feeling as much because you pretty much accept some level of feeling yucky as "normal".

        Primal just gets you to a whole higher level of "normal".

        This article by J. Stanton of the Gnolls site expresses it well.
        There Is Another Level Above “I’m Doing Fine” - GNOLLS.ORG


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          Food sensitivities can cause an almost instant inflammatory response which can be felt as joint pain, headaches, upset stomach, bowel disturbances, etc.
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            It may not just be the Omega 6 fatty acids, many/most paleo autoimmune protocols exclude nuts since they are quite high in lectins. I am sensitive to nuts as well.

            Aching hands can also be vitamin D3 deficiency. Have you had your levels checked?
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              Watch out for sulphites (preservatives) nuts are covered in them to stop them going off.....and one of the nasty symptoms from sulphites is joint pain.....

              Even nuts that are organic can be sprayed with just means no pesticide


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                Don't rule out the idea of an underlying problem causing your aches. I get aches on cheat days from time to time and that could very well be the problem - for me, my lymph nodes swell up within the hour and sometimes this makes my knees and pelvic joints hurt like a bitch when I walk.

                But it could also be something that usually goes dormant when you eat paleo but doesn't necessarily go away. There are many reasons why joints can ache. But, yes, you COULD just be that sensitive :P