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Starting day 7 and have lost 2kg ( 4.4 pounds)

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  • Starting day 7 and have lost 2kg ( 4.4 pounds)

    Just starting out on day 7 and have lost 2kgs, the bloat in my stomach has all but gone. I'm feeling fantastic.
    I even noticed this morning the whites of my eyes are much brighter and whiter.
    Giving up my coke zero has not been as hard as I thought, my new water bottle is my constant companion.
    Just a little update, as you can probably tell I'm excited with my results already.

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    great stuff, congrats and keep going!

    are you moving about?


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      It IS exciting. Well done and keep it up.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Yay! Thats awesome carmel! It really is amazing how easy it is to give up the bad foods once you start giving your body what it really needs!


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          At the Moment just with the walking I do at work, I do plan to walk 30 minutes a day and have had a look at the 4 main strength exercises mark recommends so will do the a couple of times a week.