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So sad: Costco was out of Kerrygold Butter!

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  • So sad: Costco was out of Kerrygold Butter!

    .....and Natural Grocers was out too! I'm curious if there is a regional shortage. I ended up buying Organic Valley Pasture butter. I was very surprised since Costco has ALWAYS had in stock over the past year. Hopefully they'll get more soon.

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    as a Brit I never realised the issues in the States with regards to getting good butter

    I go to enormous trouble to get entirely grain free butter but it probably turns out that good butter in most supermarkets is good enough

    good luck


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      The store within walking distance just raised the price of OV butter for the second time in a month. $4.99 >> $5.32 >> $5.89. If they're testing limits, they've reached mine. At that price point, I'll spend more money and go for the Kerrygold. Or walk another tenth of a mile to a different store.
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