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5 Days into my new Lifestyle and feeling GREAT.

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  • 5 Days into my new Lifestyle and feeling GREAT.

    Hey guys I'm very new to this way of eating and living and have only been at it 5 days, going into my sixth day today.
    I have not found it hard at all except for the coke zero but I have managed to not have any.
    My energy levels are increasing and I'm no longer bloated, I had to laugh this morning when I got online and seen the thread below about Bras as I dont wear one first thing in the morning but my breast usually rest on my bloated tummy, well this morning something felt different and it was my breast have to stay up there on there own.
    So thing are doing great so far, my very overweight 15 year old daughter is excited to learn how to cook primal meals for us all ( trying hard not to push the aspect of diet and weight loss onto her at this stage as she is suffering depression and under the care of professionals) but in my heart believe that this will be so good for her, so have decided to involve her in a fun way and only have primal foods at home for her to cook and eat. Hopefully the rest will fall into place.

    Sorry for the long post, just had to share how great I'm feeling, have lost 1kg and looking forward to continued progression in this healthy lifestyle.
    Carmel Perth Australia

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    Hi Carmel,

    Welcome and congrats on your achievements! Hopefully your daughter will be inspired by your success. Learning how to cook paleo/primal is challenging but lots of fun


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      fantastic start, enjoy!


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        My daughter is actually feeling excited about eating well today, ( still not talking about weight loss only health).
        she got up this morning and made herself an omelette with bacon, onion, zucchini, red peppers and a few other things and said it was the best breakfast she has ever had. i have set her up her own paleo tracking so she can see how she is doing.
        I too then had a nice omelette with all of the above, was yum.
        look forward to positive changes is us both, I have read that food can have a lot to do with mental illness as well, so here's hoping
        my daughter benefits from that as well. What use to be a source of tension between us ( her comfort eating of all the wrong things) could actually turn around to be a shared passion for us both ( our new primal lifestyle). So grateful to have found marksdailyapple and Primal blue print.


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          Sounds like you and your daughter are off to a great start, Carmel! I think your approach of emphasizing health to your daughter versus weight loss is a very good idea. Let her discover for herself that eating healthy will allow her to lose weight and I'm sure she will continue to be very enthusiastic. Good luck to you both!


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            I read in the book "The Vegetarian Myth" that adding animal fats to your diet will ease depression


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              A few more tempting days and you are truly a primal woman! Cheers to us!


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                Best of luck to you and your daughter! I have read plenty of testimonies from people who have experienced a relief in depression from switching to this way of eating. I am kind of one of them, I take 5-HTP for my depression, but no longer need SSRI's or pharmaceutical assistance to feel good!
                Depression Lies


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                  I think you've found the right way to eat and live - give it time though.

                  Depression relief : Don't eat grains/sugars/processed-foods ( especially wheat).
                  Eat meat/veg and natural fat.
                  Heaps of fat - butter, meat fat, Olive oil, coconut oil - and try MCT Oil from health food shops.

                  Good luck.