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  • I hate bras and would gladly go without, because I have a different size breasts. I only wear sport-style bras. But if I go without, I have very visible nips so I don't think it is socially acceptable. So, thick sports bras.
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    • Dosent always work... I went from a 36 E to a 34 DD (which means my actuall boobs dropped 2 sizes)
      Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


      • Yeah... I know. Not always.

        But it is a definite trend. Thus the threads about it.
        Normally it's the whole "the boobs are the first to go" with weight loss, and that was my experience in the past.

        Not this time.
        My hormones changed for the better in other ways too, my menses are normal for the first time in a decade.
        “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
        ~Friedrich Nietzsche
        And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


        • Oh God, if my body leans out but my boobs stay the same, I will literally look like a porn star. Not cool.
          And ya, bras suck, but are absolutely necessary when you have canteloupes glued to your chest.
          Needing some accountability, so here's my stats:
          34yrs old, 5'5"
          CW: 163lbs (07/2014)
          GW: 135lbs or less
          Eating mainly paleo, but including a bit of white rice (don't call the Paleo Police!)


          • Originally posted by Leida View Post
            I hate bras and would gladly go without, because I have a different size breasts. I only wear sport-style bras. But if I go without, I have very visible nips so I don't think it is socially acceptable. So, thick sports bras.
            I think they call them Posies, but they make cloth boob covers to stick to your boobs. They're like medical tape, only not as sticky. They just cover the nipple area. They are intended to be worn with backless garmets, so you can go bra-free. Maybe try those. I find sports bras to be incredibly, er, constricting.
            Stumbled into Primal due to food allergies, and subsequent elimination of non-primal foods.

            Start Gluten-Free/Soy-Free: December 2012; start weight 158lbs, Ladies size 6
            Start Primal: March 2013, start weight 150lbs, Ladies size 6
            Current: 132lbs, Ladies size 2

            26lbs lost since cutting the crap.


            • I use Lilypadz, both for nursing and not. They really hide the nipples so nothing's showing. I think they would work braless too if you had a slim fitting shirt.
              Needing some accountability, so here's my stats:
              34yrs old, 5'5"
              CW: 163lbs (07/2014)
              GW: 135lbs or less
              Eating mainly paleo, but including a bit of white rice (don't call the Paleo Police!)


              • I wear a bra whenever I go out, and generally whenever I'm not in pajamas, stumbling towards the coffee pot. I'm in my early twenties, and I don't need a bra for the support (my mammaries are perky enough, thanks) but I don't want my nipples poking through my shirt every time I get chilly, which is 80% of the time. I don't find bras that uncomfortable, and I don't really want the attention that comes with bra-less boobies and nipples.

                Yeah, it sucks that we live in a world where I get people looking at my chest, and sometimes it makes me want to hit people in their heads with a stick. But I wear a bra, because I don't want to deal with it, and I can't legally go around hitting people.
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                • Only 2+ months into primal but so far I'm finding a reduction in band size and staying the same as far as cup size, going from a 48D to a 44D. This is the first time I've lost weight (19# so far) and not lost a cup size right off the bat.


                  • Originally posted by Zanna View Post
                    I like wearing stretchy sports bras with no padding and skinny straps. I went from a 36B to a 34C since going primal and things are definitely fuller. It was nice to lose weight without losing the girls. Can't stand wearing anything with padding or underwire unless there's a dress or something that requires more structure.
                    Yeah I feel like this happened to me too. I lost about 10 lbs since going primal and the last bra i bought was a 30D. I also do a lot of heavy chest exercises so I know that helped too.


                    • Originally posted by Lynna View Post
                      A little late to the conversation....I wear a 36A and at almost 58, I do sag a little so I wear a bra most of the time. What I really hate about going braless is sweat collecting underneath. I hate the feel of sticky sweat in the creases.
                      As a 32DD/E (currently 34G thanks to being pregnant, sigh), I also HATE having my skin touching and getting sweaty. It is very uncomfortable. I always wear a bra if I'm going out, because of the support, nipple reduction (I don't like worrying about that), and for the comfort.

                      Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
                      So often that's the issue, people on both sides arguing about what they imagine is happening, rather than doing real testing.
                      I would never want to run without a bra. Mine do swing around, and it hurts. The only way to prevent that is to hunker over while running (which is what I used to do when my bras didn't offer much support)... and that hunkering is not good for the back.

                      Around the house (since I'm no longer working due to pregnancy "fun"), I've resorted to using my pregnancy belly band on my chest, since my bra size keeps changing, and I don't want to keep buying horribly expensive bras. The belly band helps contain the nipples just in case someone decides to drop by my house. It also keeps the skin from touching and getting sticky/clammy.

                      If you can get away with not using a bra, have fun! As for me, it'd be waaaay too uncomfortable and not my cup of tea!


                      • I like boobs and all, but do any other guys out there feel like they're a bit overrated? I think it's a case of wanting something you can't have. In other words, cleavage everywhere makes your curiosity always peaked. It's inflated demand by limiting the supply.

                        I guess I'm more of an...

                        PS- Ladies, bra-less is so much hotter if you can make it work. I hate bras.
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                        • true dat wilton.
                          Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

                          Griff's cholesterol primer
                          5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
                          Winterbike: What I eat every day is what other people eat to treat themselves.
                          TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
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                          • Hi all - this is my first post on the forum. I couldn't resist as a UK forum I go on has been discussing the same thing. Over here there has been a bit of a revolution in how bras are fitted. Some shops are still plodding along doing the measure, add 5 inches thing, but many independent retailers and a fantastic chain called Bravissimo are doing it differently. The old way results as in a bra that is far too loose around the ribs, providing not much support at all.

                            I walked into Bravissimo a few years ago wearing a 36D and came out with a 32F and looking slimmer and younger with my clothes fitting better. Before the 36D I wore a 34B for years and thought that all bras were desperately uncomfortable and worse than useless - it turned out that I was just wearing the wrong size. After Primal I'm a 28G. This doesn't mean that my boobs have got bigger, it's just the way the sizes work 32F = 30FF = 28G in cup size.

                            Here's a fine page of examples showing good and bad bra fitting.
                            Bra Guru's Better Bra Campaign: Bra Advertising
                            It is incredible that the ones lower down the page are actually used in advertising!

                            It looks as if US sizes are similar to the UK with a few differences. Maybe find your UK size using the technique below, then convert?

                            How to measure yourself:

                            Standing up - measure firmly under your bust in inches.
                            Then measure your overbust as shown in this diagram

                            Look here for sizing help: Fitting Advice

                            HOW TO RECOGNIZE A GOOD BRA

                            Testing the band and cup
                            To test the band size, put the bra on back to front on the loosest hooks. If you can breathe but if feels tight and you can only fit two fingers underneath the wire at the front, then that's the correct back size for you. If it's so tight it's unbearable then go up a size.

                            The cup will differ much more between brands and styles than the back. Put the bra round the correct way and pop the shoulder straps up, lean forward then take your right hand and put it inside your left cup. Reach right round under your armpit/towards your back and scoop all the backfat/escapage forward in to the cup of the bra. This may require vigour!

                            Repeat on the other side.

                            Then put the shoulder straps up and adjust as necessary (not too tight as it's the back that should be doing most of the supporting work). If after scooping you find that you have some bulging over the cup and four-boobage going on, this means you need to go up one or more cup sizes. Keep going up through the cup sizes until all your breast tissue is firmly in place. Once you have put your bra straps up you may well need to repeat the scooping described above but with the straps in place. Breast tissue goes surprisingly far round under the arms which most people don't realise so often their wires are actually sitting on breast tissue.

                            A good fitting bra…
                            If your bra is a good fit after doing this it should:

                            •Be worn on the loosest hook (when new). If you can fasten it on the tightest hook then try a back size lower.

                            •The band should be completely horizontal

                            •You should only be able to fit a couple of fingers under the front of the bra. If you can get more than that, or you can pull it more than an inch or so away from your body at the back, it is TOO BIG!

                            •If you raise your arms, the back should not really move - no riding up

                            •The wires should be entirely encasing your breast tissue - breast tissue goes surprisingly far back and a lot of people don't realise this. If you feel where the wire is sitting under your arm then it should be sitting on a fairly firm surface.

                            •The central gore (where the wires meet) should sit flat between your boobs. if it is being pushed away, then the cup is probably too small (and the back possibly too big as well)

                            •There should be absolutely no lumps over the top of the cup. Take a fitted t shirt with you to put over the top of the bra and stand side on to a mirror and watch as you breathe in. If you have a bit of a bulge only when you breathe in, you probably need to go up 1 cup. If it is visible when breathing out then it's probably more like two cups or more.

                            •The cup shouldn't gape. If it does, it may be too big or it may be the wrong shape of bra for you. Moulded cups are particularly bad for this as they don't adapt to your shape.

                            •The shoulder straps shouldn't be painful and digging in. Most of the support should come from the back. If you find that you can't get enough support without the straps being so short they hurt the bra isn't for you. Most likely it's too big in the back but it may also just be a bra that doesn't suit you.

                            •and on that note; not every brand works for every person. There are quite distinct differences in shape between brands which mean a particular brand may just not suit the shape of your breasts.
                            HTH someone!
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                              • I started this thread two months ago now... still bra-free!
                                "I think the basic anti-aging diet is also the best diet for prevention and treatment of diabetes, scleroderma, and the various "connective tissue diseases." This would emphasize high protein, low unsaturated fats, low iron, and high antioxidant consumption, with a moderate or low starch consumption.

                                In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

                                - Ray Peat