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  • Damn... What happened?

    I have to confess I had a ton of sugar on Easter; six or so little bags of robins eggs, M&M's and a cookie the next day, I did really good with cutting out sugar for the most part in the first four weeks, but I slipped up and have had it throughout the week, a cookie here or there, a small handful of milk chocolate, jelly beans etc... I noticed it Tuesday, a LOT yesterday, and today as well; I feel pretty bad. For breakfast I had root vegetable hash with two eggs ( recipe on this site ), for lunch Shepherds pie with cauliflour topping along with a salad consisting of beet greens, hearts of romaine, spinach, pea pods and broccoli. For dinner I had another kind of salad with mango, sweet potato, bell pepper and avocado, an apple and a can of tuna. That is a hell of a good day in my opinion, but I crashed so hard at work that I almost couldn't function, zombie is the perfect word to describe it, I can just stand in one place and go blank and I feel like my mind is in slow motion.

    Some things I've been considering...

    I get off work around 1 AM and get to bed around 3:30- 4 AM, then I wake up around noon. While this seems to meet the requirement for eight hours of sleep, I don't feel right when I wake up, It's like I'm so tired I can't move, but it's light outside and my body is telling me it's time to be awake. I'm starting to think this isn't healthy.

    Could it really be the sugar alone? My mom said she cut out sugar for lent and felt really bad after she started eating it again. I didn't feel all that bad on Sunday or Monday, it was just Tuesday and onward that I started to crash during the afternoon and night, I don't know if there's a lag between eating and the effect it has or not.

    Any insight would be great, I'm thinking it's the sugar but advice on the sleep would be great too.

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    I've noticed the same thing really. I always used to feel quite up and down with my energy/wakefulness, and I've always been a sugar fiend. When I went primal I felt so much better and more level. Now I really notice if I have a little sugar blow-out, whether it's milk choc/sweets or alcohol, and I get the crash all over again and crave it for days afterwards.


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      It does my head in...

      it is so freaking addicitive.......

      I was so good over easter....and now ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh