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Insulin; Glyburide and Paleo

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  • Insulin; Glyburide and Paleo

    Doc has me on a glyburide metformin combo; for type 2 diabetes; (caused by years of high carb eating)

    Read that glyburide causes the body to secrete extra insulin; (apparently resulting in weight gain) but being on Paleo; my intent was to _reduce my body's production of insulin by eliminating carbs.
    Im confused. The last thing I want to do is to icrease insulin; unless just a small increase is helpful for the body to rid itself of excess sugar...

    Can anyone clarify?

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    Glyburide and metformin are both used to increase insulin sensitivity. Diabetics are, by definition, insulin-resistant. Both these drugs also provide a small amount of insulin, but it is not easily absorbed.

    What are you insulin test results, glucose, etc. Please give them all. Buy and read "Diabetes Solution" by Richard Bernstein, M.D.
    Immediately begin a complete, no cheating, Paleo diet with low to very-low carbs. It is necessary to work with your doctor. Read this book.

    Also give your weight, height, activity level, exercises, etc.
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      52; 6'2' Mountain Biker; don't have #'s offhand. Nobody in America should have Type 2 Diabetes. It is a direct result of an Abnormal American High Carbohydrate Diet. Pizza; oatmeal, Juices Breakfast cereals, dough; bagels; muffins; whole wheat bread; and low fat dogma; caused this epidemic. I followed the bad science of the 70's; and "low fat" on labels; seemed to say that everyone knew low fat was desireable.But it was just food companies taking advantage of the current trends


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        zebo - what is your FBG like? and post-prandials?