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Paleo and IUD / Mirena?

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  • Paleo and IUD / Mirena?

    This may sound weird, but I was wondering if any women have experienced pain from their IUD while going low-carb? It seems like every time my body goes into fasting mode, the first thing it does is try to kick this thing out. For those who have had it "installed", the feeling is similar to the feeling you get during placement. It's a very specific kind of cramping, much different then the normal monthly. Thank you for being open with such an odd and personal question.

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    I had the mirena in for 3 years and occasionally experienced similar bad cramping. My doctor thought it was because I haven't had kids so my cervix was too small for it. I don't recall what my diet was back then, but I have always gone low carb for periods of time. Back then I would have been low carb and also low fat so I'm sure that didn't help!


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      I have an appointment today to have it looked at. Did you have yours removed because of the complications or for other reasons? How did you feel after having it removed?


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        I do experience cramping once in a while, and when ill or in fasting state it increases but is not painfull. i have my second mirena (7 yrs experience so to say).

        I would not say my cramps compares to the insertion, so i would suggest you get it checked on! So good luck with your appointment today, i hope it won't be painful.


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          I get a little cramping from time to time but nothing serious. I'd get it checked out too.