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high bilirubin/Gilbert's Syndrome

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  • high bilirubin/Gilbert's Syndrome

    Anybody else been Dx'd with this? I can't find too much info about it... and curious to know more. Is it correlated with anything interesting?

    Right now I'm trying to nail my Raynaud's/cold feet and hands, acne and eczema/psoriasis type stuff on my toes. (I think that there is a mix of low calorie eating and systemic inflammation going on and I'm working on eating more fish and just... more!)

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    I was diagnosed with this a couple of years ago when I presented with jaundice. My doctor (whom I trust) said it wasn't anything to really worry about as long as I don't drink to excess (I don't know how much 'excess' is, but I rarely drink). I also avoid fructose. My liver enzymes returned to normal by my next yearly check-up, and my chills went away also.
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      Thanks lj, yeah I don't have jaundice, this just showed up on some bloodwork they did on me (I think they did a full on super blood panel because they thought I'm too skinny... BMI around 19 or so right now I suppose and it's a university health center).

      Interesting that you had chills too and it went away!


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        I was diagnosed with this several years ago. From what my dr said and the research that I've done, it's not a big deal. Just means some of the liver enzymes are high for no reason.