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  • Consultants??

    Been quite a long time since I posted here but I wanted to see if there were any other consultants (management, IT, IA, etc) out there that worked the typical Mon-Thurs travel week and back home Fri-Sun.

    I took a new job consulting and am trying to get my routine/diet/exercise program in line with my goals.

    Mainly working with hotel gyms, running outdoors and the occasional crossfit visit if I am close enough to a gym.

    Any advice or hacks you have come up with over the years of consulting and trying to be paleo would be helpful...
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    My 60 yr old dad's a consultant... Like you said, usually he uses the hotel gym or joins one in the area, if it's a long enough project. I know he finds it challenging to eat well, even by CW standards, when he eats most of his meals in restaurants. Generally steakhouses seem to be good bets -- you can at least get an actual steak/ piece of fish and vegetable, or a steak salad. (Sure, not grass-fed, but worlds better than most other options.) I've been talking to him about PB, but other family members are pushing competing regimes...including veganism :P I'm hoping I can win him over.


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      Convict conditioning? Or just bodyweight things you can do outside in general.

      Re: the food - most places you can probably find a Whole Foods nearby for groceries and hot food. I know this is really bad since I'm pushing an overhyped and overmarketed quasi-whole-food brand, but it'll probably be the best thing you can find. Otherwise, go on Yelp and search for "paleo" in whatever city, and that works, too.
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        Thanks Sakura - I forgot about using Yelp to help narrow down the choices. I think I will scour the forums around here and Whole30 as quite a few people have city postings and I usually have access to a car during my projects

        No hate on Whole Foods from me -- Expensive, yes but I do love the things they sell.
        My Leangains Journey

        Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.


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          Depending on your gig you should be able to eat steak daily.

          when i was out for a year i ate a lot of salmon and salad. it was pre paleo but i have always been health conscious
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            Some sort of specialist is actually a person exactly who offers you advice on a clear topic. You'll find a fitness specialist or maybe a finanical specialist.
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              I did the road warrior consulting thing for a number of years, and it is a tough life style to manage effectively. I did it before finding primal and ballooned up to a very unhealthy weight. Sounds to me like you are on the right strategy, though.

              My major suggestion is: If your tour allows you to do so -- don't stay in conventional hotels. Really understand how your company handles your expenses, then go find a place that is "extended stay" so it has a real kitchen facility, not just a microwave/mini fridge. That way, you can hit a grocery for food your first night on site, and fix your own chow. That gets you out of the restaurant routine. Also much cheaper, especially if you get a per-diem for food. You can eat like a king and still have positive cash flow on the food. Typically, the extended stay chains are pricey, but with a little hunting you can find a local place that's decent and cheap enough to please your corporate travel folks, especially if you are on-site for longer periods (multi-week, multi-month) where you can commit to being there long enough to get a discount. Work with your travel people on all this, you may not be the first to go this route and they may have suggestions that can save you a lot of search time. You'll probably have to do the leg work to find a suitable place, your travel folks probably won't be much help, but may be of use in negotiating a better rate once you find a place that's decent and may be able to get a direct to company bill for your room. Spend a few evenings your first week on a new project to find a suitable place. Many local spots will have arrangements with nearby gyms so you can use them for working out.

              The things I found that were major problems to my health were:
              12 hr work days, heavy on high brain energy expenditures that leave you drained at the end of the day.
              Stress from being away from home and family. And the related stresses of travel/plane delays/weather issues etc.
              Smaller, cohesive project teams that hang out together after work, with a mix of cultural/racial strains with nothing much in common other than work and food.
              Boredom. By the time you get off work and eat dinner, its 8-9PM. Nothing much to do in strange towns but eat (more), hit the bars, or watch TV.
              Watch out for the alcohol! A beer (or two) with dinner, then a couple of drinks after dinner really add the calories in.
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                I travel quite extensively for my job, here's kinda what I do. I rarely drink alcohol when I'm out, I drink a little more when I'm home. I get out and walk 3-4 miles a day when possible/weather permitting. I carry a set of exercise bands in my suitcase and workout with those things in my hotel room. They're very light and take very little space, and easily adjustable to suit any workout. I avoid fast food joints and try to eat at quality restaurants or find a grocery store and pickup simple fixes like salads, precooked chicken that i can reheat, canned fish, things of that sort.