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Reset Leptin Sensitivity WITHOUT Dr. Kruse method?

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    Originally posted by Fantazmic View Post
    Hi Mila

    How much weight have you been trying to lose....I notice that youve only been on the diet for 11 months.

    I have lost about 15 kilos and started with the diet first for 12 months to get my eating right (Mark's Primal) and then have only been exercising for the last 6 months. It is only now that I am starting to see a change in my shape.

    So be patient..........

    Maybe it is just taking time for your body to adjust.
    I'm not trying to lose at all. I started eating paleo after I'd lost the weight I needed to lose. I'm just dissatisfied with my body composition.

    No more leptin reset for me, though...I've gone back to what made me feel good, and that wasn't it.


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      From what I understand, real, visible body composition changes actually take a lot longer than most people realize. Even my boyfriend, back in the early 80s, saw it took him about a year to make a visible change to his body composition with a daily bicycle commute over 20 miles plus weight machines at the gym. He was not a fat person at the time, either, and never has been.
      Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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        Originally posted by mila View Post
        Actually, since I went off the leptin reset and restarted my old Paleo method (via Mark Sisson), my symptoms have disappeared again. My carb intake PRIOR to the leptin reset test had been about 100 grams/day for more than 11 months, so I doubt carb flu was the problem. Without knowing that, though, you couldn't have guessed anything but carb flu--it's what I would have suggested too. Also, over the last 11 months I've only consumed about 1.5 cups of rice--total.

        I'm thinking what held me back from being completely fat-burning prior to my attempt at leptin reset was the fruit. Looking back at my food journals I see that almost all 100 grams of carbs came from fruit.
        100 gr/day will keep most people a good ways away from ketosis.

        I couldn't agree more about the fruit.


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          I hope you get back in a couple weeks or so and follow up. Its sounds like the constant sugar from fruit might be the culprit. Another thing that doesnt get enough play is the DHA/EPA O3/O6 ratio.The only other thing I would recommend is pushing your heavy lifting so you get to or near DOMS. True body recompostion can only happen with a good amount of lean muscle mass.