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  • Recommended online food sources?

    For those of you who buy a lot of your food online: where do you go, and what do you get? Are you doing it because it's cheaper to buy in bulk, because those items aren't available locally, or both? I've heard of US Wellness Meats, but I get the impression I'd need a big freezer to make that work. I'm curious where else you all shop.

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    I often go to for oddball stuff.


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      You don't need that big a freezer to make US Wellness Meats worthwhile. I love their liverwurst, and they have organs my local farmers must send to the scrap pile, like lamb hearts. You can buy tallow from them (or buy suet and render your own). I buy the pet burger (90% of it is 65/35 ground beef, 5% heart, 5% liver) and eat it myself. Oh, and chicken wings. I don't have any local source of wings, and sometimes you just need to fry a bunch of them up in coconut oil, slather them in grassfed butter/Frank's and go to town.

      I've read good things about Tendergrass farms, but I don't think they're any easier to deal with as far as the minimum order size issue that you allude to. I think the main reason for this is that you have to package a certain amount of frozen food together in order for it to stay frozen. Needs to be like a full ice block.

      If you get creative with US Wellness meats, you can do really well. They are awesome to deal with. They've even agreed to ship things to me slightly below the minimum order when I've called (because it was still package-able). They send you tracking info when they ship your order, and it always comes when they say it will.

      Tropical Traditions also sells some grass-fed meats and stuff. I've bought it from them when they had a promotion. I like them too.
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        Vitacost has great prices for coconut, xylitol, and a bunch of other stuff - this is a link for $10 off! If you spend over $49, it's free shipping.
        I've bought my protein powder and xylitol and it's great.


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          I just got a 5 pound package of beef gelatin today from amazon. Yum.


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            One thing I love about Amazon is the subscription thing. Once a month without me having to worry about it, 12 cans of sardines arrive at my door.

            Vitacost is pretty good. If you buy all their brand, $25 gets you free shipping. Other brands at their site and a $49 purchase is shipped free. While I'm pretty much a novice on coconut oil, I tried their brand and it's pretty yummy. I tried coconut oil a few years ago and really didn't like it. They've also started a subscribe and save thing.
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              I like Tropical Traditions for coconut products (oil and flakes mostly). I wait for free shipping + sale on the item(s) I want.

              U.S. Wellness looks expensive to me. Wouldn't it be more cost effective to buy from a local grassfed beef producer?