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Physicists Find Evidence That The Universe Is A 'Giant Brain'

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  • Physicists Find Evidence That The Universe Is A 'Giant Brain'

    Just wondering what you guys think of this:

    Physicists: Universe constructed like giant brain - by Terrence Aym - Helium
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      Nature's forms are a guide you can use in imagining physics at a quantum level and smaller. For instance, the early concept of the atom was easily imagined with the help of our solar system. I think the idea is silly that our universe is an actual working brain. I do, however, take the the theory seriously as it tries to describe matter concentrations and connection using certain brain imaging (like that picture in the article; it's not a CAT scan, so not sure what it is).

      Another example of nature replicating basic physical laws is in the Golden Spiral (related to the 'golden ratio'). Well to be more specific, I believe it's the hyperbolic spiral we are all describing and not the Golden Spiral ratio, which is based upon logarithmic functions that are fundamentally averages/approximations. I think it's very curious that so many plants and even animals grow in particular ratios. Why does the Conch shell have a hyperbolic spiral? Why do galaxies have the hyperbolic spiral when viewed from the top?

      I think I may have the answer to that. It has to do with re-evaluating the full meaning of e=mc^2. If we can accept that perpendicular velocities will not affect each other, a particle could move at c in two directions, multiplying to equal c^2. One of these directions is going to be the direction of travel, and one is going to be the direction of spin. Together, they both represent energy, which can be re-calculated into gravitational mass if you wish. This "gravitational mass" explains why spiral galaxies stick together for seemingly no reason.

      I put "gravitational mass" in quotes because I don't believe gravity is an elementary force. It should be explainable within electro-magnetism if you realize that the spin I previously mentioned is an element of basic 'energy'.

      (Whoops, forgot to explain) To come full circle on my hyperbolic spiral thought, my equations have a field line that looks like a hyperbolic spiral if seen from the top. That means if you magically dropped a particle near another, you would see the first particle move around the second particle in a path on or parallel to the field lines.

      These are a couple of my theories that I'm going to school for so I can more academically spell them out.


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        Oh dear. Sorry, but this is completely off the wall. Your hypothesis regarding perpendicular velocities is not valid in either special or general relativity. Suggest you stop speculating like this on public fora until you've got the education to understand what you are saying. You are embarrassing yourself.

        Back to the OP - interesting but not yet possible to say if the similarities are coincidence or indicative of an underlying commonality
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          No references given. Also no physists names, where they study, where the study was done, what was the study, what was the outcome. Just a lot of conjecture by someone.
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            Originally posted by Cryptocode View Post
            No references given. Also no physists names, where they study, where the study was done, what was the study, what was the outcome. Just a lot of conjecture by someone.
            Here is the original article for interested parties Network Cosmology : Scientific Reports : Nature Publishing Group


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              Interesting. I'm not well enough versed on this subject but from an outsiders opinion it makes sense as a possibility.
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