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    No one should stay in bed when they are awake and unable to sleep. With that being said, doing stimulating activities or exposing yourself to light will tell your brain that it is no longer time to be drowsy.

    I'm not very familiar with biphasic sleep, however I can say that REM cycles become shorter in the last third of a full night's sleep. If sleep is broken into two distinct periods, I'd be curious if the total percentage of time in REM and SWS is sufficient. That last 2-3 hours of the night is magic for abundant REM, resulting in greater learning, memory, mental restoration, and helping to prepare you for a day of decision making and higher-level functioning. (People who clip the last couple hours of sleep often feel far more impaired during the day).

    Going to have to learn more about biphasic sleep.
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      Awesome topic, I have never heard of this biphasic sleep. It sounds like it really just comes down to listening to your body. It would also make sense that you are the most productive because your brain is firing in all sorts of fun ways when you are in a sleep cycle so it would almost be as if it is "warmed up".


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        i am "working" on my sleep.

        having spent decades working nights and 12+ hour days in restaurants, i am currently working from home, at a job that i can "do anytime". previously, most nights i'd get in bed around 2:00 am and would naturally wake up between 7:00-8:00, feeling like utter s**t. a few times per month, i'd allow myself to go back to sleep if i didn't need to be at work, but would wake a few hours later feeling groggy and out-of-sorts.

        am making myself get to bed by midnight now most nights and wake between 5:00-7:00 raring to go. i sleep like a log. will try to dial bedtime back further as time progresses and see what happens.

        it's only been about 2 weeks of trying to manage my sleep. WOW. what a difference. i know this doesn't really relate to bi-phasic, but i often wonder how weeks/months/years of poor sleep has impacted me?

        i also live in a not-so-nice hood so can't imagine wandering the streets at 2:00 am, lol, looking for neighbors.
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          Mark's done some artikels on it:

          What is Biphasic Sleep? | Mark's Daily Apple
          How to Conduct a Personal Experiment: Biphasic Sleeping | Mark's Daily Apple


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            Yup. Let me try to be even more concise with my realization. If you approach biphasic sleep with the idea of sleeping better or more naturally, you're going to probably fail. That's like 10 hours you have to set aside. Who has time for that?

            If all you're expecting to do is read during that middle period of awakeness, I think you lose. If you plan that period into your lifestyle by expecting to eat, send out emails, do a little research, and whatever else you need to get done when you get home; I think you win. Because if you do that, it's very easy and natural to go to sleep when the sun goes down. You know you're going to be up in a matter of hours anyways.

            If it's a Friday or Saturday and you're going out, try to get at least a 2 hr nap in before you go. When you come home late, you'll crash into bed, but you'll wake up sooner than if you were going on almost 24 hours without sleep.

            This biphasic sleeping helps me get stuff done and keeps me on track physically (via sleep), and that's no small task in the modern world.
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