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Is this a reachable weight loss goal?

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    Originally posted by Annieh View Post
    It's a worthy goal, I believe you also need a solid plan for achieving it. Clean out your pantry, buy some eggs, meat and veges and make a primal meal plan. Set aside time to cook and eat, and time to exercise, including some weights.

    I'm 5'4" and came down from 64kg to 59 in about the same time frame last year, with primal eating and regular gym classes. I'm 48, so I think you should find it easier.
    Thanks for your advice! I do need to be better at making easy healthy meals. I think what always fails me in the past is my laziness when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking. I would buy veggies to eat but always reach for something I could heat up quick and scarf down when I’m hungry rather than the fresh stuff I bought. I think I will buy the primal cookbook and learn some things


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      Thanks everyone for your input! Even if I can't lose the full 15 by my goal I am hoping I can get pretty close. I do notice when I am strict with primal eating my stomach starts to flatten at a quick pace but I am not sure if that is just temporary water loss since I usually failed at sticking with it long enough to get permanent loss.

      Today I brought greek yogurt and hard boiled eggs for snacks at work and a steak and greens salad for lunch. I am drinking one cup of coffee in the AM I used to add cream and sugar but I just added cinnamon today. Not sure what to do for dinner