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    The Perfect Health Diet, new edition, read the older addition a few years ago, reading this one now since there has been a "noise" in the primal/paleo community regarding more moderate carb intake ie: safe starches (root vegetables). This seems reasonable and interesting to me, see what happens.
    You'll never see the light if you're in someone else's shadow, or said another way, life is like a dog sled team, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes


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      Game of Thrones at the moment and its taking me forever!!


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        Wellll right now I'm reading "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison. And since we are discussing less...erm...impressive books as well, I'm actually also reading "My S*it Life So Far" by Frankie Boyle. Not so much on the intellectual side, but a good laugh.

        Also, I'm going to throw out there that I personally think the "Game of Thrones" TV show is terrible (I'm the only one on the planet, it seems) and I'm pleased that so many people are electing to read the books as well


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          I really want to read game of thrones but I refuse to start it until either

          a) the series is finished


          b) g. r. r. martin bites it.

          I don't want to get sucked in only to have to wait YEARS for the next book to come out. no thank you.

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