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I still have acne! :(

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    Clean diet for an extensive period + washing my face with coconut oil and baking soda cleared up my adult acne. I still get an occasional spot or two around my time of the month but otherwise it's been smooth sailing.

    Also worth asking: do you wear a lot of face makeup? The more you wear, the worse it is. I don't wear any but mascara, blush, and lipppy stuff nowadays.


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      Do you take any supplements other than zinc? I started supplementing with vitamin C and fermented cod liver oil and have seen a drastic improvement in my acne ever since. I still break out but much less than I used to. I don't know if they are both helping or just one or the other since I began taking them at the same time, but I'm not going to experiment to find out...

      Also, anything you do will probably take more than a week to see real results.
      Is it weird in here, or is it just me?


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        What everyone else has said. Hey traveller, don't expect overnight results. Primal isn't a miracle crash diet or miracle change of all things human. Just give it all some time.

        Also, try using some oils to wash with. I switched over to the oil cleansing method and my skin is becoming perfect. No acne, and my dry skin patches are almost gone, along with my constant redness in the cheeks. I use only olive oil as I have overly dry skin. If you have oily skin use castor oil and olive oil.
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          Originally posted by Sandra in BC View Post
          You need to give a new regime at least 4 to 6 weeks to see noticeable improvements.

          Age and gender DO make a difference. Is it facial acne? Body acne? How long have you had it?

          One week is not long enough to expect to see any kind of results when it comes to acne.

          Years ago, I stopped eating dairy. About 1.5-2 months later, my acne slowly vanished. When I reintroduced dairy, the acne gradually came back (as in weeks later) and again took weeks-months to disappear after I stopped eating dairy again. If your acne is diet related, it really does take quite a while for skin to improve.

          Another possibility is that acne could be hormonally related, as others have mentioned. When I started supplementing with DHEA, I suddenly got acne on my shoulders/back, which I'd never had before in my life. I cut out the DHEA, and it's taken almost 6 months to disappear. While your issue may not be due to hormonal supplementation, it can just as easily result from a hormonal imbalance, which is why some women get acne relief from birth control. If you want more info on this, you can search 'androgens and acne'.

          I've never found any topical regimine to be effective in eliminating acne. However, I have found that cold-pressed castor oil, applied topically at nighttime, really makes a noticeable difference in helping red spots to disappear faster.


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            I've heard of spirulina helping with acne
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              Thanks guys, this is all really helpful.

              qqemokitty, I don't wear any makeup at all.

              According to my friends, my acne is clearing up, gradually. I think I'll continue my honey cleanse, but with manuka honey.
              And I guess I'll just give it some time.

              Gladmorning, where do you find castor oil? Supermarkets, health shops...?


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                You have a hormonal imbalance.


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                  If you've only been primal for one week, then it hasn't been long enough for anything to happen. I used to get this horrible cystic acne mostly on my chin. It pretty much stopped when I went primal. I have only gotten one cystic acne since going primal almost a year ago, and I'm pretty sure that was due to the fact that I fell off the wagon for a few days and ate a bunch of crap (a box of Cheez-Its, a bag of Goldfish, and half a box of animal crackers, to be precise).

                  Some people are sensitive to dairy and get acne when consuming dairy. Others (me, I think) get it when consuming wheat. It takes time to see the effects of dietary changes so give it at least a month before despairing. If you're going through a really rough time (terrible acne), consider seeing a dermatologist. He or she will probably prescribe you an antibiotic and some kind of topical cream (I got Prascion--it's a sulfur and sulfacetamide-based cream, worked quite well). Antibiotics are obviously not good, but, if you're experiencing really bad, out-of-control breakouts right now, a course of antibiotics can clear things up so you can begin to heal. Just don't make it a habit. It's really not good for you and will stop working anyway once the bacteria adapt. I've only gotten the antibiotics once, and they really helped me at the time.

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                    I used to have horrible acne on my back and on my face.

                    For the last 10 months my back acne has completely cleared up and my face acne has reduced by 90%. I'm one of those people who won't be completely satisfied until it is 100% gone.

                    I've discovered that my acne is connected so some gut issue - bacterial overgrowth, leaky gut, etc. This also has other complications such as Thyroid misfunction (hypothyroid). There is a strong link between SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and Hypothyroidism.

                    Adding in some starch, ala Perfect Health Diet, has helped I think rather than being super low carb like I was in the past. Healing the gut has been the best thing for me.


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                      For me, it was dairy. It takes 3 weeks to go away if I indulge again. Give dairy free some time.


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                        A single day of wheat bingeing will make my jaw and neck break out in terrible cystic acne. I don't get it anywhere else on my body. However, I used to have pretty consistent facial breakouts, and it's only after 4 years of primal and using only natural products to cleanse my face that my skin is mostly clear. I think it took a long time to heal whatever was happening in my gut and make my hormones level out. The only reason I'm so certain there's a gut-skin connection is that whenever I do have wheat, the acne reaction is swift and obvious.

                        Moral of the story: keep going with primal, be patient, and in the meantime be as gentle and kind to your skin as possible with lots of honey and coconut oil.


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                          Thanks Heatseeker!
                          Should I take more probiotics? In kefir, or greek yoghurt, maybe?


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                            "I've been almost 100% primal for the past week... And I still have acne."

                            Funny. Who said paleo was a cure for acne? My own acne has gone down some since avoiding grains and high-GI foods, but in no way has it been cured.


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                              Originally posted by Bosnic View Post
                              "I've been almost 100% primal for the past week... And I still have acne."

                              Funny. Who said paleo was a cure for acne? My own acne has gone down some since avoiding grains and high-GI foods, but in no way has it been cured.
                              Try re-reading PB, all sorts of claims in there about the wonderful state of your skin and no viral illness's etc. So I don't believe everything I read, nor does Primal eating have to follow through with all those claims to make me think that it's worthwhile, but it would be nice to see some improvement. I can live with the odd spot of acne.


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                                I had acne breakouts (i think cystic acne) for years, and in the past 9 months of eating a paleo diet (and cut out dairy), the breakouts have significantly lessened My acne breakouts tended to occur around that time of i mostly attribute it to hormones. But reading some of the posts here about dairy makes me think, i recently have had some dairy here and there, and have seen some cystic wondering if my body just doesn't like dairy.