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Loose Skin and Primal Eating

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    Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    I don't think its an easy way out at all. The surgery looks painful and expensive, with pretty unimpressive results in terms of being "bikini ready".
    I don't think it's an easy way out either. But they just see losing the weight, or at least the rest of the weight, as impossible.

    A lot of these are the people who elected for bariatric surgery because they thought it would be easier than losing weight. I see people on weight loss forums like that, saying that if they can't make this diet work, they will have to have surgery. But they seem to be using the surgery as a fall-back. I mean, people who keep eating desserts, candy, and soda around the clock and then say that the surgery will solve their problems.

    I'm firming up, but the skin on my belly has taken on an odd texture. The old stretch marks and the regular skin seem to be doing something different. But as I've said, if I've got the figure for a bikini, I will wear one and probably look better than half or three quarters of the 25 year olds on the beach. I will look better than when I was young and flabby skinny-fat.

    My upper arms? Not so much. We'll see after I lose all the weight how much more they will tighten up.
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      Originally posted by mandypandy2246 View Post
      Wow .. Angel do you have any before and after pictures? I'd love to see! Also, did you have any stretch marks from weight gain? My belly is covered.
      When I'm 100% firmly where I want to be I do plan to post pictures. I think it might be cathartic. Right now I'm finding that as my body shrinks in my head I know I look better but there's a part of me that still feels humongous and self conscious. I certainly feel so much better but all it takes is one glimpse of a fat picture and i feel like that girl all over again. This was the first time (and only time!!) I've never been that overweight and lost so much so I'm not sure if that's normal or how to deal with it just yet. :/

      I do have some stretch marks but nothing major IMO. Thighs, sides of hips, lower back right above my butt, and I noticed two light ones recently on each side of my lower stomach. I can weigh 200 lbs at 5.7 1/2 and still have a flat stomach. That's not where I gain my weight first. I showed my bf and he said he never noticed them. IDK if he's lying to make me feel better or not. Probably is! Strangely when I got my period at 12 1/2 is when I started getting stretch marks on the sides of my hips. I wasn't even close to being overweight. Maybe this is common, not sure, but I've noticed that women of all sizes have them in that particular spot.


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        Originally posted by Dragonfly View Post
        Zinc, sufficient A and C and gelatin/bone broth with help with skin health/elasticity.
        This! I've been big into the bone broth for the past year. I have a mug full almost every day. Recently I've started adding gelatin to my hot drinks as it's totally tasteless just in case something changes in my skin now that I'm on the home stretch.