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Does anyone suffer from binge eating? I need a friend!

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  • Does anyone suffer from binge eating? I need a friend!

    My body has been telling me for a long time that this woe is right for me. I used to diet and do chronic cardio and starved myself quite thin. One day, I found myself in a stressed out situation, and decided to have a piece of pie. It led me to eat the entire thing. Ever since then, this has become a pretty regular occurrence for me. I LOVE eating clean and healthy foods, but it seems that I can never go more than 3-4 days without a sugar binge. I am talking large quantities. I have no doubt that this follows the characteristic of a biochemical addiction. I just can't seem to shake this. The weight I have gained and the loss of self control has taken a huge psychological toll on me. I don't even like to go in public because none of my clothes fit anymore. I want sugar and sweets out of my life completely. It is so hard because it is everywhere, and even if I keep it out of the house, the convince store is just around the corner. When it calls my name loud enough, I will answer. I fe

    I realize now that the endurance training and carb based "athletic" diet in the past wasn't healthy. But I used to be the "fit chick". I still lift weights and do the light cardio as recommended. I love exercise. I just feel like such a failure because I work so hard in the gym and love every minute of it, but my hard work doesn't show because I can't stop binging on sweets.

    I just really need an accountability partner to help me. If I could make it past the initial 1-2 weeks, I think I would be OK. If anyone has any advice on how to de-tox I could really use the help!

    Thanks a lot!

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    I have had a binge eating problem as well. I'm talking huge binges to where I'd eat until I was physically ill. I always loved food and ate too much but didn't have a severe binging problem until I was over exercising and under eating while being strict paleo. I was calorie counting and over all obsessing...the binges were basically my frustrations being let out I guess. But I've battled that by exercising a bit less, working on my stress levels and eating to my hunger as long as its primal food. This has completely eliminated my binging problem. For the first week or so my hunger was insane, I ate constantly but felt so much better and my urge to binge basically disappeared because I was fueling my body properly for the first time in a very long time. My appetite evened out after that.


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      Hi Callison!
      Yes, I used to binge. I would be strictly primal for a couple of days, then I would have a bite of a cookie, and these horrible cravings would start. I'd go to the pantry and just stand there, eating anything and everything with sugar in it. Afterwards, I'd hate myself, but it never stopped me from doing it. To stop this, I completely abstained from sugar. Completely. No honey, fruit, nothing. After a couple of weeks, I could have a teaspoon of honey in my tea without going crazy. But I'm still careful with the fruit.

      I recommend you start a journal here. I started mine about a week ago, and it's helped immensely. It's makes you see what you've eaten in a different way, so you can make slight changes here and there. And people give you encouraging comments, which helps me a lot.
      Just my 2 cents!

      Good luck!


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        I think that for the most part binges are a result of dietary imbalances or deficiencies. Don't eat enough fat and you'll binge on something fatty. Eating a trigger like sugar when your body craves something specific can result in an uncontrollable binge. And yet what you eat may not be what you need, so you carry that deficiency over to the next binge. I suggest visiting the Eat More Fat thread. Several members have written in that thread about progress they have made with their binging issues.


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          Hi Callison,
          There is a poster here whom I really admire named MamaGrok who used to have a horrendous binging problem which is now completely gone. You might want to look up her journal and posts. I've never had that problem myself but I still find her inspirational.

          Also you might want to look into nutritional ketosis which has been shown to be invaluable in the control of binge eating tendencies.
          ETA: crosspost with eKatherine. Yes, the Eat More Fat thread has a lot of good info about nutritional ketosis.

          I wish you well.
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            I'm gonna drink ,,,water.
            I'm gonna eat ,,,a tablespoon of coconut oil.
            I'm gonna go ,,,for a quick / short walk.

            As strong as you are in the gym, you gotta stare down that pantry and say, "no, i can make it one more day".
            or do as Mark suggests and just get all those tempts out of the house.

            post that journal, or a typical day's diet,
            I don't think you said fruit, right ?
            maybe it's something you don't see keeping you pulled down.
            potatoes ?
            beer, or 2 ?

            I'm just quitting hershey fun bites, for 85% dark chocolate.
            it can be a struggle
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              I've always been a binge eater, but one step I've taken is to make sure that all the food in my house is paleo. This means that when I do binge, it's on things like plain full-fat greek yogurt, coconut butter, raw honey, and apples. You can eat apple till your sick and still not get the same amount of sugar and carbs as you would on a chocolate binge. This still stalls weight loss, but at least I've filled my body with healthy things and not garbage, this leads to a lighter conscious.

              This week I tried the Primal Potato diet for a week, which helped my get my binging under control through the use of strict limitations. Structure for me leads to great adherence, so now I've decided that I will not exceed more than 1 tbs a day of excess sugar (Honey, table sugar, maple syrup). This parameter has really helped me out in the past few days.

              Good luck!