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  • OK here's my dream

    Hello everyone

    Picture a three course dinner that makes all your primal dreams come true (for food at least). Whats in it?

    I'm on the path to opening a primal eaterie somewhere, probably going to start with a mobile unit for festivals etc and go from there.
    Healthy is the new wealthy.

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    Good for you Owen!

    It's kind of against the ethos of weight loss etc., but if you want to make a business of Primal food i would suggest having a good range of amazing Primal sweets and desserts. Ice creams made with coconut milk, pancakes etc. Health conscious people will flock to these products - just think of how many people eat vegan desserts who have no ethical issues with eating meat.

    Anyway, keep us in the loop! I'm also in teh UK so looking forward to seeing how it turns out What festivals are you planning to start with?
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    In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

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      Thanks, the eye catching treats would certainly figure as an addition to the more substantial fare - my eye is on the Green Man festival and the Big Chill at the moment.
      Healthy is the new wealthy.


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        The idea of a restaurant that has a true selection of gluten-free desserts is just so far from my reality. Restaurants seem to have more wheaten pastry and fewer naturally gluten-free desserts all the time on their menu.

        But if there was a good selection of cheese, I'd choose that every time. And gluten-free crackers of some sort, so I don't have to eat the cheese with a fork.

        What I like is the idea of being able to choose smaller or larger portions. So the same salad served as an appetizer could also serve as a hearty main dish.


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          I would love to find a food truck with stuff on it like fruit/cheese trays, skewered meat, freshly juiced veggies, really awesome smoothies, grass-fed meat sampler, primal sausages, breadless buffalo burgers, fruit dipped in 90-100% dark chocolate, kombucha/kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc...


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            Thank-you Katherine that's noted - decent selection of cheeses with rice flour crackers (which I am yet to make but will try), and a range of desserts is clearly a good idea. I'm thinking mainly veg+meats but to be complimented by the clever stuff. At the moment my ice creams from coconut milk are coming along well. Also up is a cognac meringue with 85% chocolate sauce, fruit salad + either coconut ice cream or clotted cream (which I am unsure about using) Salads would feature in a big way, probably self service with grilled meats.

            Otzi - like the skewers/meat sampler idea. What can you do with a breadless burger - lettuce wrap? Haven't even looked at fermented stuff yet this will be a new one for me.
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            Healthy is the new wealthy.



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              Also hoping to convince people of the joys of Irish Stew, a family inheritance I would serve with pride
              Healthy is the new wealthy.



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                I think you are on the right track; grilled meats and salads. Hearty salads that hold up well would be a good idea: Asian Cole Slaw, Spicy sweet potato salad. Also some interesting fresh sauces like Charmoula Charmoula Recipe at or a roasted red pepper sauce.
                I'd stay away from ice cream, it's a hassle and an expense to keep it at the right temperature ( I used to cater so I speak from experience). Also it never hurts to have good coffee, it draws in customers then they'll see your great food and purchase some of that too.
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                  Stew is a great idea, it holds up well and can be made in advance.
                  Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


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                    Charmoula looks great, just my type of thing for the meats thanks. Would you use coconut cream in the coleslaw, or just cream :-)
                    Healthy is the new wealthy.



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                      For a nice dessert type thing some berries in fresh whipped cream is awesome. I get it at a farmers market every weekend. As for meals maybe some oven roasted fries, lettuce wrap burgers, grilled chicken fingers, chicken wings, nice salads etc.


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                        Bean less chili?


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                          If you're looking for festival food ideas, make every dish eatable while nothing requiring knife and fork action. Meat should be bite size/pre sliced/hand held.

                          I don't really care if you have desserts or not. By the time I stuffed my face with a real meal, I don't have room for dessert.

                          Just about any kind of meat, beside or on top of a big ass salad, or a pile of roasted veggies, would make me happy. Pulled pork, chicken kabobs, burger patty, sliced steak, salmon filet, prawns & scallops, bratwurst, poached eggs, bacon...

                          ...with a choice of sides - roasted sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, fruit salad, coleslaw. You could even offer non-primal sides like potato salad, roasted potatoes, fried non-primal buddies can order off the same truck.
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                            And don't forget the seafood. Nothing more Primal than a freshly shucked oyster IMO.


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                              Date shakes

                              Best date dessert ever.
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