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Raw Cacao bar review :)

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  • Raw Cacao bar review :)

    Hi everyone,
    I just made a blog post on a raw cacao bar, Chocolatl.


    I took part in a couple of threads here about chocolate and thought of sharing this post for those interested in finding a good cacao bar.
    I'm a huge cacao fan and have developed a strong bond to it with an experience I had. I eat A LOT of it. But I also do fine without it.
    I will make more cacao bar reviews of lesser expensive ones that are still good quality.
    This bar is just really great because of all the ingredients in it

    Lacks: soy lecithin, emulsifiers, brown rice syrup, high heat processing, milk, and other commercialized ingredients.

    Some of the raw bars I'll do reviews on use heirloom cacao.

    Here is my first Food and Health Adventures of a Peruvian Chick: Raw Cacao Bar Review: Chocolatl
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