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    Perhaps this already has been discussed; but has anyone experienced weight gain while following this way of eating? I have been on the Blueprint for just over a year. For the past 3 weeks I have seen a steady increase in my weight. Right now I'm at 10 pounds over what I was.


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    What does an average day look like for you?


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      Originally posted by TCates190 View Post
      What does an average day look like for you?
      Agreed. We need more information to give you a genuinely helpful response. Some people do gain weight when they start eating Primal, but they are better off for it; this way of eating is about health. If you are too skinny to start with, you might gain some needed weight. That was the case for me. I went from ~145 to now around 170 (@ 5'11"). I also did some pretty serious weight training over the past few years. Most of my gain was muscle. I am much stronger than I used to be.

      Here are some success stories that didn't involve weight loss:
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        This would be a typical day:

        Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs with "toast" made from the coconut flour/flax meal bread I make and perhaps some fruit; or plain yogurt (full-fat) with toast and fruit; or sausage balls from a primal recipe I found; or perhaps leftovers.

        Lunch: generally a big salad with canned mackerel or chicken or crabmeat and fruit;

        Dinner: chicken or goat-meat, salad or maybe cauliflower rice; or homemade pasta sauce with spaghetti squash; red wine

        I also might have a handful of raw almonds sometime during the day.

        I know that if I “go to the dark side” and eat any bread products or something like pizza my weight goes up almost immediately.


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          That actually sounds like not a whole lot of food to me, depending on your portion sizes of course. It is possible that you are undereating, but it's hard to tell without more detail.

          Where are you at now in terms of weight/height and body composition?


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            What's your exercise routine been like the past three weeks? What about your sleep quality? Judging by your nutritional intake, that aspect of the Primal Blueprint is on target. I'd throw in some HIIT and maybe a few walks in nature to see if it has a substantial effect.
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              I am 58 years old, 5'4", and currently about 148 lbs. I think my BMI is about 26.

              I was really excited about my weight-loss since following a primal diet in January 2012; I had gotten down to between 137 and 141 up until recently, wthen things seemed to spiral out of control! I know I have slipped up on the exercise routine because of job stress.

              I have a great deal of excess body fat because I used to weigh almost 250 lbs. and had a gastric bypass in 2002. Since then I have hovered between 151-157. Whenever I eat carbs I feel like the excess fat re-inflates! :-)


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                Hey DrNeecie,

                I'm a GB patient too, 10 yrs in May. Congrats on the loss and keeping it off this long

                As for the weight, if 10lbs went on in three weeks, it's straight up water retention. This happened to me last July/Aug, and I still haven't been able to pinpoint the cause, or to get it to go away.

                I would suggest seeing your doctor to discuss and have all kinds of bloodwork done to rule out hormonal and/or thyroid issues and the like.

                Sorry I'm no help, just wanted you to know you aren't alone!


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                  My exercise in the past month has been almost nil and am just getting back to working out. I had been doing my job and that of another staff for several months, until I finally was able to hire someone. I also often worked through lunch, not eating it until well past 1:00. I am up quite early; but I find that I can sleep for about 9 hours.


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                    No, you were a great help. It's good to know that there are other GBs on the primal diet!!

                    I'm hoping this is water retention as well; but I did make an appointment with my doctor to check all of my bloodwork and anything else that might be affecting this. I generally see an endocrinologist about every 6 months or so; but it's been almost a year since I last saw him.

                    In the meantime, if I can only find those size 8 jeans I'd put away...