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Advertising Cereals as "Healthy" ; stop being fooled...

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    Originally posted by mandypandy2246 View Post
    I find the SPecial K commercials the most demoralizing. Eat this processed crap devoid of nutritional value (but we added some vitamins back in) and you will lose weight. I find the Kashi commercials the most misleading - if only people knew how much sugar was in some of their kashi products.
    more than in an equal serving of Froot Loops!!
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      It's a damn shame that we have to become so cynical about advertising claims. The first time I heard Kashi's claim about having as much protein as an egg, my immediate thought was, "Yeah, but how much do you have to eat?"

      A serving (3/4 cup) of Kashi Go Lean has 10 grams of protein and 190 calories (before you put on the milk).

      1.6 eggs has 10 grams of protein at 111 calories.

      So, not only is cereal just filler, but even for those who are only worried about calories to stay slim, Kashi cereal is a sucky choice and its claims of having as much protein as an egg are disingenuous. As a note, Kashi is owned by the Kellogg company.

      A good rule of thumb is that if a product in a grocery store is placed on the shelves where an average height woman can easily see it, look higher and lower for a better alternative. At my local Whole Foods, Bragg's ACV is on the bottom shelf. (I knew that elective marketing class would do me some good. )
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        Of course no one can eat just one bowl of cereal, you will probably come back for a second or third bowl

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          I really hate the new ads for Bear Paws - they have some sort of "fruit" bar that they're marketing as healthy. First off, you can see that it's simply a cookie with jam on it. How is that healthy???? It's totally pushed towards kids, telling them it's a healthy morning snack - since when do we need morning snacks? - and all the kids look happy and fun and laughing and cool.

          It disgusts me.
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            People are becoming more health-conscious around me, ditching eggs for cereal. Nobody advertises for eggs...


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              Originally posted by Damiana View Post
              Pretty sure most people on this forum of all places know cereal is crap.
              Yeah but did you guys know Rice Chex has a glycempic index of 127!!! At least that's what the internet says. How is that even possible??


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                Originally posted by Cierra
                I'm glad that I cut it out of my diet though, because even though it was so tasty, it never filled me up. As a small female, I could easily pack away 4 servings of almost any cereal.
                THIS. I never understood how people relied on cereal as their primary breakfast. I could eat a MASSIVE bowl of it and be starving again a half hour later.


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                  Originally posted by VADogWalker View Post
                  THIS. I never understood how people relied on cereal as their primary breakfast. I could eat a MASSIVE bowl of it and be starving again a half hour later.
                  This is why people should pour heavy cream over their breakfast cereal.


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                    My cereal of choice used to be puffed wheat. It's full of fiber and I thought I was doing my body good. I would inhale that stuff like it was going out of fashion, swimming in milk and covered in sugar. I actually get that funny feeling in my salivary glands when I think of how sweet it used to be....... *shudder*