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Blood tests - how bout a little help?

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  • Blood tests - how bout a little help?

    I have been doing the paleo thing for about a year. Just got some labs done as I am trying to find out why I have a sore neck all the time right about where my thyroid is. Most things looked good, esp my LDL/HDL, which was 3.37, but there were some issues.

    You guys are a smart bunch, so here's the off numbers.

    RDW = 11.8 (low) Ref Range 12.0-16.2
    Basophils Auto = (high) 2.2 Ref Range 0.0-2.0

    Albumin 5.1 (high) Ref Range 3.4-5.0
    Globulin 2.1 (low) Ref Range 2.3-4.0
    Albumin/Glubulin ratio 2.4 (high) Ref Range (1.1-2.2)

    And one more which was not out of bracket but caught my eye as I am beginning to think I may have hypothyroidism...

    Thyroxine 4.2 Ref Range 4.0-12.0

    However, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone came in at 3.67 with a range of 0.30-5.00

    Discuss, etc.

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    Did it show your T3 levels at all? (triiodthyronine) if so, what was the value?


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      Originally posted by nburgraff View Post
      Did it show your T3 levels at all? (triiodthyronine) if so, what was the value?

      No T3. This was just a general panel. I am going to press the doc for a thyroid rundown.


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        Deffinitly check with the doc for a full thyroid especially if you suspect hypothyroidism... Looking at the results, the only thing that stands out would be mild anemia and possibly slight hypothyroidism pending the T3 levels. Sorry If that wasn't the answer you were looking for but your numbers really aren't too concerning. It would be interesting to see how they changed after increasing your iron and iodine intake.