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  • Did you know?!?

    ...That Uggs, the boots that are like big wool socks, will keep your feet warm even when they've been soaked in ice water? At least, when the temperature is hovering around freezing?

    And did you know that when someone invites you to go down a snowshoe trail and when you don't have snowshoes, and they say, "Oh it will be fine, just wear your boots" they are WRONG? Really, REALLY wrong?

    And did you know that walking onto the lake/marsh area because it looks like there's less snow there is a BAD idea?

    This Saturday was an entertaining but exhausting day.
    Out of context quote for the day:

    Clearly Gorbag is so awesome he should be cloned, reproducing in the normal manner would only dilute his awesomeness. - Urban Forager

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    And yes. Although that one can be kinda borderline, so I don't blame you. But at least your feet were warm! And entertained :-)
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      In a few years it will be one of your fondest memories