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    Originally posted by Sharonll View Post
    Just a thought, but you want the blog name to be easily searchable, right? I don't think anyone associates "toad" with "primal" except you. It's best to de-personalize your name choice. Think more about how people will find you, not what feels right to you on a personal level. Think about online businesses that have been highly successful, and you'll be hard pressed to find a company that includes the founder's name. I know a blog is different from a business, but the concept is similar. I say leave your name out of it completely. Especially a name like "toad" that has no primal connotation whatsoever. Instead, think about names for your blog that focus on what you're trying to accomplish, what your content is going to be, who you want to find you, and what you want as an end result. I say start your name choice journey over again. Just my experienced two cents.
    With the exception of MARK'S daily apple...


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      Suki, even Mark's Daily Apple would be more successful with a better name, but at least he also has I don't know, but I'm fairly sure, that the blog came before the book title.


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        I like "The Primal Toad"


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          Thank you all for your input - I got more then I originally hoped and my family gave excellent input as well.

          So far the winner is

          But, if someone can convince me otherwise then go ahead and try! I will be registering it Saturday morning
          Find me at Cheers!


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            Love it. I think it's good when a name is easy to say, so you can tell your friends "It's primal toad dot com". Funky, funny. have fun!