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    Does anyone have trouble with circulation? I haven't been able to feel the inner part of my big right toe for around a year now (I'm 23). I lift weights, ride a bicycle a lot, and eat primal. It has been a problem since before primal, and after primal. Before vibrams, and after vibrams. It drives me insane. For a little while I was having trouble with my two outer fingers on my hands going numb and turning white/yellow as no blood ran through them. Randomly!

    What gives?

    Little Saiyan

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    I don't know what gives, but it must be very anxious-making.

    One thing you might try is to take methyl Vitamin B12. (Sublingual tablets, mildly lemon flavor. I like Jarrow brand, and I get them from

    Vitamin B12 helps push nerve impulses through nerves to reach the most distant destinations, so they might help you get back some feeling. The methyl form is the same kind which the body uses, instead of "cyanocobalamin", the kind usually found in vitamin supplements, which the body must convert. For some purposes methyl is more effective than the usual cyano form. For instance, I read that Olympic marksmen take it because it eliminates a tiny background tremor, so their scores improve. Cyanocobalamin doesn't change their scores.

    With B12, it's always a good idea to be sure you have enough folate (folic acid) at the same time.

    I wonder what the heck is going on with your circulation. You don't have carpal tunnel syndrome, do you?

    Do you have bunions which might cut down circulation to your big toes by putting pressure on them?

    Time you've been eating Primally? Maybe it will all just go away.


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      Not long, as far as how long I've been eating primally. I've eaten ""pretty"" primally (without knowing it) for like two years, but that included granola and high-protein pita bread stuff every now and then, etc. I started eating primally March 26 or so but have tried to allow myself some space to not be obsessed, especially during film shoots in recent weeks.

      I have little sublingual B12 things that used to help my fingers, but this toe thing is just a mystery! They're fine from the outside.
      Little Saiyan


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        <<I have little sublingual B12 things that used to help my fingers, but this toe thing is just a mystery! They're fine from the outside. >>

        You might try the methyl and see if that works any better. I take it you probably take the little cherry-flavored ones with folic acid? I trade off between the two.

        Maybe eventually the primal will catch up with the problem, and that will be that.


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          I'll check those out, I use "Btotal" liquid sublingual drops. Its a bright orange liquid in a teardropper. It tastes "fruit flavored" in that generic sort of 'fruit flavored' way... hahaha.
          Little Saiyan


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            The numb fingers and outer side of my hand happened to me. I thought peripheral neuropathy right away. Found out it was from always leaning on my arm while doing some art work. After I broke the habit of leaning on that arm, things got better.
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              yah, pretty much for as long as i can remember(including my pb life) my toes have had the tendancy to go numb/tingly. I am not sure why, it does however happen more often when i am sitting down, so maybe its just an awkward circulation cutoff. I'm also very tall so blood has a longer way to go to get to my poor little toesies.