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In vitro meat, what do you think?

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  • In vitro meat, what do you think?


    My name is Michael and I'm currently conducting research into consumer attitudes towards cultured meat.

    Please let me know what you think by taking part in this survey."

    Many thanks

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    Maybe, but right now it's so far from possible it's not worth worrying about.

    Even serumless cell culture uses all sorts of animal extracts.


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      it's not appealing in the least
      yeah you are

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        Unless they are going to culture brain, liver, bones, marrow, heart, fat, and the rest, it's pointless. Thankfully, nature already provides all of that, without horrid protein imbalances and copyrighted DNA. Growing meat in a dish goes down the same road as GMO crops, monoculture and other money-making food-destroying things we'll never support.
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          Why do you need to grow meat when everything already comes in the perfect package of an animal? Ridiculous.
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            As far as meat goes, if it didn't have a face, I'm not eating it! Drawing a face on top of the petri dish don't count....


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              The health risks of such a synthetic meat are still unknown and possibly the first evidence will be in 30-40 years from now. It may go pretty much like soy, originally a health food that would have saved the world, now a poison to be avoided.


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                Sounds like a great excuse for tormented vegans to finally eat "meat".

                To everyone else it should be considered an absolute abomination. Like primal_alex said, the health consequences down the road could be enormous. Don't fuck with nature
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                  I think a lot of Americans are uncomfortable with the idea of eating natural foods from basic ingredients, and would prefer to eat a meat-like substance that was cultured in a tank. When I worked in a restaurant women would always complain that sandwich meat had structure, as though it was cut from an animal.


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                    *shrugs* I'd try it. I'd like to see the research on it, though.
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                      An abomination.


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                        Anyone read Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake? Many of the things she described in her futuristic book are not that far off.
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                          Personally I'm opposed to trying it, but that's because I'm lucky enough to have access to actual meat.

                          I fully approve of the research though, because if it does work (assuming no catastrophic health risks) it might be a good way to bring nutrition to people who need it. I can't oppose that with a clear conscience.

                          Ideally we'd just raise more animals, Allan Savory style.