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Have You Tried The Naked Bag Test?

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  • Have You Tried The Naked Bag Test?


    Just uploaded this video on the 'Naked Bag Test' and though you may want to try it out. It helped me a lot and I'm sure Mark would approve of such natural tests that can improve motivation

    If you're game, I propose:
    1) doing the Naked Bag Test; and

    2) Share/Post your experience by answering these two questions:
    What did I experience when I did the Naked Bag Test?
    What did I learn or do as a result of my experience?

    Here are my answers

    My experience was unusually enlightening I was shocked to learn that my body looked completely different to how I thought it looked before the Naked Bag Test - and not in a good way :/
    I felt embarrassed because I'd always thought I valued my health but here I was with clear evidence that shot down my delusion. And I even felt shame at the fact that I'd been lazy... slothful.. getting fatter and fatter by dropping the ball which was something I swore to myself I'd never let happen.

    I also learnt that my body was in fact well below the standard that I wanted to have in terms of aesthetics, health, and fitness. I learned that I was willing to do whatever it took to get in shape and turn it all around. And I'm so glad I learned this because it's helped me stick to my guns when things got tough and get back up when I fell over. Ultimately, I wouldn't trade this for anything because I've never felt better.