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Just started going Primal, but have a question about weight and bloating

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  • Just started going Primal, but have a question about weight and bloating

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been going Primal for almost two weeks and I'm enjoying it immensely. I was suffering from lower abdominal bloating and lack of energy for the past year. I don't usually go to doctors, but I felt something was wrong. Well after several months of various appointments, procedures, and lots of money, they found nothing...I had given up at that point. Luckily I started a new job and a co-worker showed me a book of Mark's, which I immediately read, after she was saying her husband had numerous issues and going Primal fixed them all. Along with the fact that I wanted to get rid of eating processed food for some time.

    I am blessed with skinny familial genes, which I try not to complain as it could be much worse. But like most thin males, I would like to be a little bigger. At 6' 1", I weigh 135. I have been somewhat active for most of my life and my body fat stays below 4%. I have noticed that after going Primal, I don't eat as much, but I would like to put on a few pounds. I realize 160 is probably out of my reach and I'm ok with that, but maybe 150. I read in Mark's book that he was able to put on weight, but I've had little luck throughout my life being successful with this.

    Does anyone have any healthy ideas?

    My other question points to the lower abdominal bloating. It still arises once a week or so. Has anyone experienced this when on a Primal diet? I'm 100% Primal and don't do any cheat foods, except for the occasional Kraft salad dressing and A1.

    Thank you for any help!

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    Was thyroid testing included in the battery of tests done at the doctor's office?

    You'll need to take a look at your menu and food schedule to figure out the bloating. It could be when you eat, or what you eat, or a combination of both. Also, are your bathroom habits consistent?

    What's your average menu look like?
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      The thyroid is tested through the blood correct? If so, I believe it was...I'll have to look on the report.

      The food jumps around. My wife and I printed out a bunch of recipes from this site. As far as when I eat, that has been very different then my pre-primal diet. I was eating three meals a day with snacking. Now it's been 2 with snacking. I figured that was the result of my diet changing and I didn't need to each as much.

      Bathroom stuff has changed as well. It was once a day, now it's once every other far. I also figured that was caused from the diet change. This is a big assumption, but my thought process is that I'm eating things my body actually needs, so it's getting rid of less. But I could be completely wrong.