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How do I retrieve my favorite threads and other questions

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  • How do I retrieve my favorite threads and other questions

    I had saved a lot of threads in my favorite folder in the old forum. I can't see them now. Anyone know how I can retrieve them?

    I accidently clicked on the "Mark Forums Thread" link and now I can't view any of the threads I've visited in the past under New Posts. Does anyone know how I can reverse this action? Thanks!

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    No replies? Mark, Worker Bees, any idea how I can get the threads from the favorites?


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      If you replied at least once to the thread in question, you can go to your own profile and find all posts that you've made, which will lead you to the threads. If you didn't comment on them, try tag searches for the topics.
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        Thanks Griff, but there are many threads where I didn't reply but had saved them. I wish I could retrieve them now


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          I think I read that favorites from the old forum couldn't be carried over. And that has been my experience.