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    I know its not good for me but I was at school and don't get home until late. I get the cedar planked salmon, salad w/blue cheese dressing, and broccoli. I knew the dressing was in my 20% because most dressings are made out of crap. The one thing that did surprise me was the broccoli. I enter it into my calorie counter and discover that it had almost 2 grams of trans fat! So I look at the allergen list and read that it contains soy. I'm like WTF? Who puts soybean oil on their broccoli? I personally eat my plain or w/butter. Oh well I need to more vigilant next time.

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    Yeah, do the best you can and move on.
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      That is funny. On Monday my wife were eating good ole NC Bar B Q.....on the way out of the resteraunt a sign says...... they don't cook in fat, for health purposes they cook in soy.


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        I think they cook in soy oils because it is cheaper than butter.
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