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    2nd best: getting a delivery of raw unpeeled cacao beans.
    Best: finding you don't have to peel them to eat them.


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      I don't know about best, but...

      Worst: My mother telling me, during food shopping, that she just can't do primal, and grabbing bread buns and chocolate biscuits of the shelf. I felt so terrible, so awful.


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        Cant save everyone traveller.

        Best: in the midst of a 48 hour fast. At the 37 hour mark Im feeling pretty good.
        Another best: scale moved down two lbs again woo hoo!
        Worst: family coming to town this week, and not sure how to curb food issues.
        The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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          Best: Eating large amounts of food and waking up to the scale with the same weight as yesterday or less
          Worst: Watching your family members not conform to the no-grains point


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            Best: sneaking a 12oz sirloin into the Game of Thrones premier last week and eating it like an apple while my plus one ate both our complimentary pop corns. Maybe it's the mid-evil feel of the show, but I swear its even better when gnawing on a piece of rare meat.

            Worst: eating a bit of the pizza at the after party and feeling stabbing pains in my stomach for the next 8 hr.


            Best: getting my libido back x100
            Worst: remembering I'm single
            "Fact is, we're the freaks, the misfit mutants surrounded by readily-available (and free) information about the evils of fat, the benefits of whole-grains etc. From an evolutionary point of view we're the weirdos with a short-life expectancy or we're trail-blazing a 'new' path." ~ AlanC

            "Paleo? Try it, but be wary of the cult mentality that comes with it. Paleovangelists are everywhere and a bit scary."


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              Best: Doing my favourite tramp in the autumn sunshine with my two sisters and eldest daughter.

              Worst: My Facebook friend sharing a disgusting recipe for berries, cake mix and diet soda. And this girl knows about primal cos I told her.
              Annie Ups the Ante


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                Best...after 24 days of damn near 100% primal (just my mini goal) the scale is still going downwards

       grass fed beef guy isn't selling any sides this year


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                  Originally posted by goinggrok View Post
         grass fed beef guy isn't selling any sides this year
                  Why not ? due to drought ?

                  buy a whole a split it ?


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                    Best: Discovering that I can walk home from town and arrive no later than if I had waited and caught the bus.

                    Worst: Realising how many non-primal products have somehow found space for themselves in my fridge and pantry. I'm trying to contain them all to one small and inconspicuous shelf, where I won't be tempted but people taller than I am can help themselves if they really so desire.
                    Annie Ups the Ante


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                      Best...stepping on the scale in hopes of dropping some weight

                      Worst...stepping on the damn scale to only see that I have put on 1.4 lbs...WTF


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                        ^^^^ Water weight.

                        Best: Being hassled for picking the beans out of my chili and not giving a damn.
                        Best: Losing 6lbs this week without even trying

                        Worst: Looking straight down the barrel of Easter Sunday and for once, dreading the sweets, treats and 3 course meal. EEEEk
                        The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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                          Best: looking in the mirror and realising my acne is fading!!
                          Worst: lying in bed for 3.5 hours before I can finally fall asleep.


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                            Originally posted by Traveller View Post
                            Best: looking in the mirror and realising my acne is fading!!
                            So do you think the honey is working maybe? I'm seeing similar results too, no new spots in the last 48hrs and the old ones all drying up nice and quick. Dare we hope?


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                              Best: Used new pressure/slow cooker to make beef brisket. YUUUUM.

                              Meh: Co-op moved back our order date -- but I want my livers now!

                              Worst: Went to a lecture on migraine pain, not a word from the lecturer on any diet triggers except for tyramines (chocolate/cheese/wine). I blew her mind when I told her that gluten was my trigger.


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                                Best: realizing that if I didn't want to shop for awhile, I could literally go two or more months with what I have in my freezer and cupboards. And even after two months, I'd only have to order coffee.

                                Worst: Having to redo my last batch of broth. Dumbass (me).

                                ETA: I use a lot of frozen veggies, so that helps.
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