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Autoimmune thyroid disease? Help?

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    Also read some of the information about "celiac" disease. There is a lot of new information on how, (even if it is gluten intolerance vs. classic celiac) the body attacks itself and destroys organs... I have lost half my thyroid, my gallbladder, and was told I had hepatitis (liver inflammation) -the hepatitis magically goes away when I abstain from grains... coincidence? I think not.
    I didn't put all the pieces together until recently. I did not have good continuity of care, my docs never figured it out and said "your grain allergy is destroying you body - you are full of inflammation".... I am grain free again (about 8 weeks now) and feeling SO much better. Like a miracle. Now I just have to keep it going through the winter/holidays when I fall off the wagon every year.

    Bottom line.... you are your own best health champion... read, get informed, don't be afraid to change doctors if you do not feel yours is listening.
    Good luck, and don't give up!


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      Fit.... I gotta say... I'm feeling SOOOOOO much better cutting grains from my diet... amazing little tweak isn't it???


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        Beauty, here is a doc who can work with you via phone and email- His name is David Peterson and he also trains other docs in the Hashimoto's protocols, so he's very knowledgeable:-)

        I'm really thinking that gluten intolerance (not just Celiac, even) is behind a whole lot of diseases and mental imbalances (my sis noticed a major diff. in her bipolar symptoms after cutting grains! And in doing research for her, I found that there is a big link between Celiac, bipolar and Hashimoto's Coincidence? I think not!)

        @ Pie- I looked at your link and I don't really see what it has to do with the immune system, which is what we're talking about here. That info is maybe more pertinent to classic hypothyroidism.


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          Lets get real for a second you think Grok would have lasted a day with tyhroid meds. Are you really going to blame all your porblems on grains. What about all the native tribes which lived of tubers and grains. Your thyroid and the majority of your health problems are related to core body temperature. I can garuantee you have low body temperature due to dieting. My best advice would be to read up on that site and quit "paleo". I just recently discovered it and its why I am posting the link everywhere because I am so excitied about how much it makes sense. I have been paleo for a year and have ignored all the problems i have experienced with it. look around this forum have the posts are health problems directly stemming from primal.
          If you want to get your life back read the posts on the blog.
          If you truely think your healthy and paleo is a godsend then continue as you are but 6 months from now when your still unhealthy check it out.