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Torn rotator cuff advice?

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  • Torn rotator cuff advice?

    I managed to tear my rotator cuff although I'm not even sure how. It was a mild twinge and then I started a new much more active job. Then it started really hurting. The new job is now history because I cannot perform most of the tasks required. I went to the doc who said I tore the rotator cuff and added tendonitis to it working on it injured. I will be doing physical therapy for the next six weeks. I am 43, female, type II diabetic-it's improving with primal but slowly, and hashimoto's. What kinds of things can I do to reduce pain levels and promote healing? I'm figuring one answer will be bone broth or gelatin. I already take 4000 units of vitamin D because I live in NW Washington to keep out of deficiency. Doctors orders are no lifting over 30 lbs and no raising my arm above shoulder level. Thanks in advance for your answers.


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    Try some KT Tape or any kinesiology tape. There's a video tutorial on youtube of how to apply it for rotator cuff pain. I had a small tear in my rotator cuff as well and it helped me out. But other than that just rest/stretch/ice/heat/repeat.


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      Originally posted by TCates190 View Post
      But other than that just rest/stretch/ice/heat/repeat.
      Add to that faithful PT and being careful how you move it so as not to reinjure it and you have pretty much all you can do. Thats a slow injury to heal, good luck.

      And I've yet to see any studies at all that prove that KT tape does anything. I'm not closed to the idea, but as of yet there hasn't been much data to support it.


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        This is a tough one to deal with. I do archery as a hobby and see many archers quit due to this problem. The only real answer is rest IMHO.
        Caution! My replies may contain traces of nuts!. My posts are just my opinion based on my experience with the primal way of life, there is no assurance it will work with others in the same way.

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          I had a torn rotator cuff from a car accident. I "rested" for 3 months, did physical therapy faithfully for 6 months, and then "rested" for another 3 months. "Rested" meant not lifting anything heavy or doing any shoulder movements that caused pain. The only thing that worked was finally having the repair surgery. The surgery and recovery is VERY painful, but in my case was worth it. I'm 2 years post-op now, and PRing lifts from before I was injured.

          The rotator cuff is very, very slow to heal, so be sure to give it time before you consider surgery. Bone broth, overall good nutrition, consistent physical therapy (that includes gentle stretching), and know your limits.


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            Extensive Exercises for shoulder/rotator cuff.

            *Please consult with your Physical Therapist or a personal trainer privy to these exercises before starting.

            Vitamin C to rebuild collagen.


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              I think a lot depends on what in the rotator cuff is actually torn, and how badly. There are many tendons that can tear or fray in the shoulder joint, and the treatments can vary based on the injury type (fraying, scar tissue, impingement, part tear, full tear, etc.) and the injured tendon.

              Some options that I've found to be helpful include Active Release Technique and Graston. I've also allowed my doctor to use cortisone on a very occasional basis. Avoiding overhead work while re-habbing can make a huge difference. I still do pressing in the horizontal plane (push-ups and dumbbell bench presses, for example).

              Before surgery, which has a tough recovery, look into and consider platelet rich plasma treatment. I had this done for a bad hamstring tendon pull with great results. It should not be done within 3 months of a cortisone injection, but this might provide enough healing to get you back to normal or almost normal. If the issue I'm having now does not improve significantly in the next three months, I will use PRP as my next options.

              Get an x-ray and look at the acromion process. Is it type 1, type 2 or type 3? If the latter, you may need surgery to re-surface the acromion at some point in time, or simply accept that you may never do some things again.

              Work on your mobility and not just in your shoulders. Thoracic and cervical spine mobility can affect the stresses on your shoulder when your arms are in certain positions.

              Obtain and follow a good rehab protocol. Consider buying the DVDs from Eric Cressey, who seems to be a guru of shoulder issues through his work with baseball players.

              If it hurts, don't do it. If it's part of a good rehab protocol, and it doesn't hurt, do it a lot.

              Good luck.


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                It depends on what my insurance allows for. I start PT on tuesday and we will get things sorted out then hopefully. I think the initial tear six weeks ago was fairly minor, it was a twinge in my shoulder that just wasn't going away. I pulled a stupid by just taking ibuprofin or alleve and working full speed at my new job and ignoring the pain-I didn't want to lose my job, which happened anyway. I was doing restaurant work in a busy restaurant cooking. I went to the doctor because it really fricken hurt and I was losing range of motion fast. Flexibility for the most part is normally an nonissue for me as I tend to be very flexible. I probably do have muscles in my back and shoulders that are not balanced in strength. I have a nearly fifty pound five year old that gets picked up regularly although not since my shoulder started really hurting. The muscles around the injury are really tightening up and I'm looking like quasimodo by the end of the day. I've never been much of an athelete, while I strengthen easily and am flexible, I am very clumsy. My athletic activity runs toward camping and hiking.


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                  Don't forget heat/ice therapy. Heat to bring blood flow into the area (the rotator cuff heals slowly because it doesn't get a lot of blood flow to begin with) and the ice to drive the inflammation out. You can cycle this several times, but always end on ice.
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