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Newly Primal -- work getting in the way

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  • Newly Primal -- work getting in the way


    I am new to this forum... I work in the food industry managing and developing new products in the frozen food category for a large grocery store chain. I sit in at least 5-10 food tasting per week... although I don't swallow the food I do but product in my mouth -- the categories I manage are frozen pizza, frozen breakfast items, ice cream, novelty frozen bars, frozen potato, frozen veg and frozen fruit.... I have been eating primal for about 2 weeks and I am wondering if by having the food in my mouth it is making it harder for me to completely kick the processed food habit.


    and thanks in advance for reading this -- I love what I do (although through my education I do worry about what I am doing to people by making such tempting products...)


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    I'm pretty sure you know the answer to this question. ;-)

    Yes, it will make it much more difficult to kick the cravings and probably impossible to discover any food intolerances (hello, gluten.) When you smell, see, and taste the "food", it sets off a cascade of effects, like neurotransmitters signaling.


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      It will be interesting to see whether your "tastes" for these products begin to change as you keep eating primal.

      I know mine have, to the extent that I no longer regard them as food.

      But it may not happen to you if you are continually actually putting these in your mouth.

      A good N=1.
      Annie Ups the Ante